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Successful Project Managing for Modular and Portable Builds

by Sam Keen (writer), , August 16, 2014

When considering a new structural build, portable or modular hiring a project manager should be be factorised on a number of credible qualities. Cotaplan explains just what is expected.

Today, the resources and finances can seem limited. Managing these two factors are just an arm of project managing for the right person who should have concrete experience in a number of types of constructions. A successful build or construction development always lends itself to a highly experienced project manager who can assess budget decisions against resources.


Their can be many chains attached to a build in construction or modular development. A successful project manager may come from a career in the industry who has had a heavy influence in working on builds whilst assisting the project manager. The planning is an integral part and requires skills or precision, attention to detail and vision. Amongst other points, without the final say of the project manager, the build cannot progress into laying the first foundations. Often the plans of the architectural build leave the hands of the project manager and is constantly meticulously followed and matched against the measurements the physical development.


Right from the very first stages of design, decisions are made by the project manager about how the finaces, resources and time scales are going to be managed. Known as a strategy, 75% of builds fail to meet estimated time scales and it is the duty of the project manager to be responsible for preventing the problem. Decision on a build can also arrise from material or measurement errors. Human error can not always be eliminated, but from a good project manager, decision errors can be managed.


One of the skills that can sometime test the project manager. Responsibilty can be held in a number of ways from duty of care for staff to job expectations. Vigilance can be a trait known to help prevent circumstances of error occuring, therefore preventing the project mnager from being help responsible for acts of project errors. Responsibility of a project manage can also work in favour where when disaster occurs, the responsibility of the project manager is to act with a solution and achieve resolution prevent additional costs or time delays.

Quality Control

Quality control means that checks are made to ensure that the physical build will last and perform its duty. This enables that the the build can achieve a safe pass from building regulators who also check and oversee that the build has been constructed and followed to the letter ensuring the build can continue.

Health and Safety

As part of building regulations, health and safety assesses and monitors many errors of construction. Certificates and guidelines are in place to ensure the build cannot fail on any aspect of a facility. In particular, gas, electrical and piping, which if materials where not correctly constructed can cause devastation and risk to lives.

Cotaplan portable buildings have spent 30 years developing a full turn key solution and successfully building portable systems to schools and healthcare facilities in the UK

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