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Is BET's 'Hot Ghetto Mess' Offensive to African-Americans

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, July 16, 2007

"Hot Ghetto Mess," a new series created by Black Entertainment Television, or BET, is receiving harsh criticism before the show even aired.

The six- part series hosted by Charlie Murphy (Chappelle’s Show fame) is based on a Web site that show men and women, mainly from the African-American community, with styles that are picked up from hip-hop videos and shows. Home videos sent in by viewers and commentary from a network correspondent are also featured on the show that gives people a wake- up call on what some elements are doing to society and help find a way to improve on themselves as individuals and their communities. Some people feel the show is offensive and should be dropped from the network for its raunchy subject matter. Many sources, such as What About Our Daughters, a blog that shows how black women are perceived in today's society, are appalled by the show and feel that it's a disgrace to black culture. Sponsors, such as State Farm and Home Depot, have even revoke their partnership with the show because of the negative feedback its receiving, but the sponsors never seen the show to know if it's offensive to viewers.

While the program baffles some, others are defending the aspect of the show and find that it is quality programming. Reginald Hudlin, entertainment head at BET, believes that critics are not giving the show a chance and should watch the show before deciding if it's bad for public viewing. Hudlin wants people to understand the concept of the show and that it is not making fun of people, but instead show the different aspect of how individuals are influenced by society.

The creator of, Jam Donaldson, who is also an executive producer on BET, knows that after the show airs, people will have a better understanding of what the show is trying to express and that it is a learning experience for their target audience, which is the young youth.

So is "Hot Ghetto Mess" an educational program for young society to learn about their culture, or a program that is merely an excuse to pick on people and their individualism?
You be the judge when "Hot Ghetto Mess" debuts July 25 on BET.

(Some information acquired from this article were used from the Associated Press)

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By Credo on November 01, 2013 at 04:55 am

Great subject to post...

Starting with the title "Hot Getto Mess", it is a barometer pointing to the kind of entertainment the show will air. The sponsers understand that black women have an enormous platform and political power in the entertainment industry. They will not chance the success of this show against their own companies survival.

I mean let's face it, historically the media has dumbed on the black race, why should this show be any different. Especially with a name like that.


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