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Freelancers Can Now Do Academic Writing As Well

by Frank (writer), , August 08, 2014

Freelancers can write at and earn some extra money

The above title might seem unreal to most new freelance content writers at this point but I assure you as we go on you will come to believe in it and maybe even go for it. Uvocorp is a website which runs these assignments by its team of freelance writers. The assignments are uploaded by students across the world over. Writers register with the website and let their areas of interests be known so that only topics covering those areas are offered. The payment details are included and if any writers wished to accept it he has to complete the paper within a given time period.

Well it is as simple as that. The website does not take in any and everybody. It has its own way to scrutinize and filter out the best writers from all the ones that have applied. First and foremost they ask the writer to fill in a CV form and send it, along with that they also send their personal details. Once that is approved the writers have to appear for an online test of English language. If they pass this test they are sent a sample article. After sending that and receiving the approval from the writer is successfully registered with the website.

Advantages Of Freelance Academic Writing

•The first and most commonly asked question by all potential writers at the website is that are any registration fees involved. The one word answer to that question is no. The website is free of charge and it will get you writing assignments once you have passed the tests.

•The assignments uploaded are from various fields a demand expertise. The time limit is specified and starts from 8 hours and goes all the way up to 14 days. The different levels of work start from high school and go up till Ph.d. So it is but obvious that the higher levels would pay more for assignments completed in a short time span.

•Working from home is something all freelance writers wish to do. The websites allows that to the fullest no questions asked.

•Writers will tend to requests and assignment which are related to their interest fields and nothing other than that.

•A live chat support team is also present with the website at all time through day and night.

•Payments are dealt out on time and accurately.

•Freelancing means that the writers are free to choose their hours of work and the breaks they want.

How Much Money Can Be Earned?

The best place to ask for answer to this question would be the writers involved and the place to meet them is They constantly keep uploading videos on how to write better and how to choose better vendors and clients. As far as this website is concerned the average payment per page ranges from $6-$25 depending on the topic, level and time offered to complete the assignment.

Writers who perfectly expatiate 100 pages in a month are rewarded with a 5% bonus and are promoted to the level of advanced writers. This means that their names and assignments will come up ahead of others and they will get more work and money.

Fines are also included if the writers fail to complete the task or if the assignments are not to the point or up to the mark. Payments are made twice a month preferably in the beginning and in the middle of the month.

Youtube is a widely used to upload videos about the job field we just talked about, visit the website for further information and ideas.

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