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How to File a Car Insurance Claim for Vandalism

As compared with standard car insurance, comprehensive car insurance coverage can be helpful for victims of theft and vandalism.

The California Department of Insurance has been stern and tracking down the fraudulent cases like staged automobile accidents and fraudulent vehicle vandalism. Such cases have been widely reported all across the U.S. Incidents of car-break-ins are rampant and the police are doing their best to curb the activity. Still, if a person becomes a victim of car vandalism, the owner can be compensated for the damage, provided he has comprehensive auto insurance. This insurance is different from standard car insurance. Physical damage to the vehicle due to fire, storm, flood, accidents involving collisions with stationary objects or vandalism are covered under comprehensive car insurance. The process of filing a claim for car vandalism needs to be handled properly and carefully. A person may have to deal with vandalism or theft at some point of time in his life, but an insurance policy that covers the cost of repair can be a great relief in the time of distress. Following the proper procedure of filing for the claim may be as important as the policy itself.

Inform the Police & then insurance firm

This is done prior to calling the insurance company. A police report that is filed just after the incident is an important document that is needed by the insurance company. The damages caused by vandalism are left untouched until the police report is complete. Some insurance companies are active 24 hours a day and can be called to file the insurance claim. Cases with comprehensive insurance are processed as soon as the claim is filed. The process is quite similar to that of standard insurance. Under this, a claimant may be compensated for a part or all of the repair expenses.

Get comprehensive coverage

Since comprehensive coverage on car insurance is not mandatory, many people tend to overlook it until they become a victim of an act of vandalism. The good thing is that it is quite simple to make additions to the existing insurance policy. A standard policy holder can call the current car insurance firm for a comprehensive insurance quote.

Compare rates

A comprehensive coverage offers an additional protection and, therefore, is comparatively more costly than the standard ones. Still, insurance rates can be compared online and the best option can be taken. A driver’s previous track record can become a means to lower the premium. For instance, many companies reward people who drive safely. They are provided discounts like a discount for finishing a defensive driving course or accident-free discounts. These rebates can make up for the extra expense on the comprehensive coverage.

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