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Is Your Website Geared Up For Mobile?

by ThomasStocks (writer), , August 06, 2014

Here are some reasons why your website should be geared up for mobile.

Google continues to update its search engine to ensure that the user has the best experience when making a search and one of its most recent updates is to optimise mobile listings.

Websites geared up for mobile have been something pushed by Google for a while now and as it makes more changes, it becomes more apparent why it is forcing people to turn to mobile too.

The rise of tablets and smartphones has sky-rocketed over the last year or so and Google has evolved with this rise. They have changed the way they display their mobile search results and if you are currently number one for a specific term that converts well, your conversions could improve even further.

Although, for those people who aren’t number one, your conversion might suffer.

The change that has affected many listings is that when Google finds a website that is suitable for the number one spot and has a number of site links, it will increase the font size of this listing to make it stand out more. What this means for smartphone and mobile device-users is that they could very well only see the one listing on their screen, with all of the other listing pushed down the pecking order.

This shows a crucial importance on dominating the top spot on Google, not just on browsers but on mobile devices too. SEO Audits are one way of ensuring your website is functioning to the best of its ability without having to dish out tons of money for a new mobile-responsive website. These audits look into detail at your current website, optimising it as best it can to ensure that your website has a better chance of dominating that number one spot.

Google is also testing website information cards within the mobile search results too. This means the first search result will have a large space on the first page of a search, which could mean the whole screen of a mobile device provoking more people to click it.

If the listing has info cards as well as site links, the chances of the ad dominating the top space are twice as likely. Users will have to scroll a significant amount just to find the second listing.

These changes to Google’s mobile search may seem unfair to some companies, but for those in the number one position, it could be a very profitable year for you.

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