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Reasons Why Sex is Better Option To Cure Headache

by Martin Scott (writer), , August 02, 2014

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Sex is Better Option To Cure Headache

When people suffer from headaches refuse sex while they have headaches because they believe that sex will make it worse.

Forget Tylenol and Advil, there's a better headache option that is more enjoyable than taking a pill that may or may not affect your headache in any way. Sex has a long list of health benefits, a team of neurologists proved that sex can lead to partial or complete relief for headache and migraine pains. Do you want to stop a migraine attack right in its tracks? Try sex. It has been proven to work just as well or better than over the counter headache medications.

The Proof That Sex Helps Headaches
At the University of Munster in Germany (reported in Cephalalgia), a study was conducted that suggests that instead of using a headache or migraine as an excuse to avoid having sex with your significant other, sex can actually do the opposite and provide relief from headaches and possibly migraines.

This study concluded that more than half of the participants who had sex while suffering from a migraine reported improvement, and 1 in every 5 were left without any pain whatsoever. This worked especially well for men suffering from headache symptoms.

The study also concluded that most of the times, when people suffer from headaches refuse sex while they have headaches because they believe that sex will make it worse. Even with the worst migraines or headache clusters, sex has been proven to improve some symptoms.

A group of neuroscientists sent an anonymous questionnaire to 800 random migraine suffers, 200 of which suffered from severe cluster headaches. They asked the migraine sufferers what their experiences were with sex and headaches, what sex had on the intensity of their headaches. About 1/3 of the migraine sufferers reported that they had experience with having sex while they had a migraine, and 2/3 of those who claimed to have sex while they had a migraine, reported the migraine intensity to decrease or completely leave. A sex session can even stop a migraine attack right in its tracks. If you feel a migraine coming on, the best alternative is to try and make love until you get it under control.
In other terms, with 37% reported that sex improved their conditions, and 90% of those who reported that sex improved their headaches said that sex completely cured their headache. 50% reported that sex worsened their migraine.

The best results seemed to have occurred in male migraine patients. The majority male patients even said they use sex as a therapeutic tool. Only 13% of women purposefully use sex to eliminate their migraines, but 20% experienced full relief when they did. 50% has partial relief. The results gathered from these studies shows that sex has the same or better results than painkillers.

How Does Sex Cure Headaches Better Than Pain Killers?
A certain variety of chemicals are released inside of your brain every time you feel an intense positive emotion. Those chemicals are called endorphins dopamines, and serotonin, which are released when you smile, laugh, hug another person, and partake in sex. A good sex session with your partner will result on more endorphins being released inside of your brain, much more than laughing, smiling, or hugging, and the more endorphins that are released, the more the pain of migraines and other headaches may be reduced.

Why Is Sex The Better Option To Cure Headache Than Painkillers?
Painkillers don't trigger any positive emotions to cure headaches like sex does. There's nothing fun about popping a few headache pills that may not even work to cure a headache or migraine. Sex also creates a closer connection with your partner, so why not use it to make you happy and pain-free at the same time?

There is only one problem with having sex to eliminate headaches, and that's how inconvenient it is to have sex when you have a busy schedule. Painkilling drugs are easy to take and purchase, and sex is definitely not available all the time. Not everyone has access to a sexual partner in their lives, and without a sexual partner, you cannot use sex to cure migraines and headaches.

When sex is available, though, the best chance to get rid of your headache is to initiate sex. Instead of doing what you'd usually do and put off sex, take a chance and attempt to cure your headache with a hotter sex session.

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