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Dying Dr. Death Lives On.


Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the man known as the infamous Doctor Death, was released from a Michigan prison last June 1st, after serving eight years of of 10 to 25 year stint for assisting in the death of a Michigan man that he videotaped and broadcast on television... The physician "earned " his early release due to his failing health. It has been reported that the 79 year old Doctor suffers from chronic hepatitis C, which he contacted while serving in Vietnam. In a parole board hearing over twelve months ago, Kevorkian's attorneys and his doctors said he had less than a year to live.

Kevorkian has said he wouldn't be doing any more "Do it yourself" trips to the afterlife and expressed regret for the 100 plus "assisted" suicides he was involved in. According to an ABC News report in May, Mayer Morganroth, the Doctor's attorney, was quoted as, "he realizes now that breaking laws are not going to help," instead, he has to speak out" for the legalization of assisted suicide, "and that's it"... "He feels he lost over eight years of his life. That's something he's not pleased with, but he looks at it as he did something that required him to be punished. He broke the law."

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Now I Need A Place To Hide Away.
Are You Ready Are You Ready

What has been the United State's position on this controversial subject both before and after the elderly Doc received his expended stay at the local, State run hostel?"

Well, according to, "35 States have laws that explicitly criminalize any assisted suicide", including this great State of California.

"Nine States criminalize assisted suicide though the old school common law. Common laws are the unwritten laws that are based on precedent and customs." While it might not actually say that if little Johnny pisses on a table in the school cafeteria he is a law breaker...Well, Common law says he is.

"Three states have abolished the common law of crimes, and there are no statues criminalizing assisted suicide." Not specifically mentioned in the laws of North Carolina, Utah and Wyoming, it's a non event

We have seen four failed ballot initiatives between 1991 and 2000:
1991: Washington State defeated the proposed initiative 54% to 46%
1992: California: Defeated narrowly 54% to 46%
1998: Michigan: Defeated by a wide margin 71% to 29%
2000: Maine: Just barely defeated 51% to 49%
A measure in Vermont was defeated this year, and opponents are fighting renewed similar efforts in California. Recently, voters in Hawaii, Wisconsin and Washington State rejected proposed "assisted suicide" bills.

Only the State of Oregon permits physician-assisted suicide.

Whose The Real Docs Of Death
Oh NO It's Doctor Death

Oregon had to beat back attempts by the former Attorney General, (you know, the one that can't sing), John Ashcroft, and the current Attorney General, (you know, the one that won't sing), Alberto Gonzales, to impede the Oregon legislature. On Tuesday, January 17, 2006, the Supreme Court let stand Oregon's assisted suicide law. According to Fox News, "In a 6-3 vote, justices ruled that a federal drug law could not be used to prosecute Oregon doctors who prescribed overdoses intended to facilitate the deaths of terminally ill patients. The Bush administration in 2001 sought to go after Oregon doctors who invoked the law, saying suicide was not a "legitimate medical purpose."

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Whose The Real Docs Of Death
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Got No Right To Be Dead Ass Wrong
Killing Me Softly With your Songs

In a AP-Ipsos poll released on My 29, 2007, it was reported that more than two-thirds of Americans believe in the "Right to Die." Although called a demon and a callous killer by his critics, Kevorkian maintains relatively strong public support. Julie Hinds, Free Press Pop Culture Writer, for the Detroit Free Press calls the Doctor a "Cultural Icon." There aren't many people whose name can double as a verb, Kevorkian has attained that level.

Partial Lyrics to the song , "Kevorkian" by Public Enemy

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By Steven Lane on July 16, 2007 at 09:24 pm
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By Steven Blake on July 18, 2007 at 12:52 pm
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