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Learn And Grow Through Video

by ThomasStocks (writer), , July 21, 2014

Learning through video is not a new concept but it is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for business and for students.

Video is a powerful tool and continues prove its power across the world. Video and broadcasting technology have been working together for some time now and have helped bring education to the unreachable, the uninspired and even the disconnected.

Video content is not something new but bringing a high definition learning experience is something that is embracing the world by storm. In fact edX, an online educational platform, has attracted around 800,000 students across the globe spanning 192 countries.

In the UK, Futurelearn has attracted 21 of the UK’s top Universities and expects to be attracting thousands of students over the coming months. Growth statistics like these ones show that there is an increase in demand and supply of video online and continues to show the power that this medium has.

Although there has been a lot of debate around whether learning through video is having an effect on the role the traditional university experience has, video learning is a convenient and accessible way to grow knowledge and skill.

Video For Business

Video isn’t only being adopted by students to help them grow their knowledge-base and skill-set but businesses are using this as a useful tool too. Being able to broadcast services, knowledge, questions and presentations from the comfort of your own office is a desirable technique adopted by many businesses.

This means that while businesses can share their knowledge, other likeminded businesses can learn from this knowledge too. Webinars and live event streaming have become an accustomed way of interaction among many businesses, especially the marketing sector, and this looks to continue throughout 2014 and further afield.

There are noticeable advantages presented through video, most notably, being able to fit around current schedules, business and personal lives. Many of us already digest video media through film, short clips online and social media, so it is not only a medium we are all extremely comfortable with but it is also something that we find exciting and different.

Video And Power

The power of video-based learning is firmly gripping onto the educational world, but in business it has been around for some time, with many companies already possessing e-learning tools as part of their staff training and assessment programmes.

As the power of digital grows, both in business and in personal lives, so does video and it is something being embraced by all walks of life across the globe.

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