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Should Hank Aaron Be There For Barry?

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., July 20, 2007


Should Hank Aaron be there for Barry? This is question that everyone is asking.

As the moment draws even closer for Barry to take his swings at passing Hank Aaron on the all time home run list, many people including myself have been thinking about the importance of Hank Aaron being present if or when Bonds breaks the record? Aaron, who has already made it clear to most of us that he will not be present come the day Bonds breaks his record for most all time home runs, and rightfully so, but will he reconsider?

There seems to be no reason why any player would want to see his record broken in a case like this, especially when that player knows for a fact that he himself earned the record the right way, and not by cheating his way into the record books. Hank appears to be too good of a player, and too smart to know that for him to acknowledge a record that he knows is a sham would be like us trying to convince ourselves that wrestling is "real". A player’s legacy left on the game is his pride, and without something to proudly stand by means that he would of lost everything he fought for.

Some say it's obligation while others say it's choice, but is it really either? By whatever choice Aaron should make it seems as though he's playing both sides of the field, one that he's chosen to make of course, but still he cannot avoid not pleasing one person’s opinion. They say you cant please everybody, yet this is exactly what people are asking Aaron to do.

As to where this leaves Bud Selig among all this chaos is another question that is still left to be answered. Also, whether or not there would be any excuse for Bud not to be present this weekend if in fact Bonds was to break Hank's record in Milwaukee where Selig currently lives, seems to be an argument that that delivers a resolution attached to it.

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By Steven Lane on July 20, 2007 at 11:09 pm
Seems to me, you answered your own question...of course, he won't be there.
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