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Maroon 5's Latest Album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, July 12, 2007


Maroon 5 recently released their much-anticipated album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. The group waited five years to distribute their sophomore compilation after their debut recording, Songs About Jane, reached multi-platinum status. So why the long wait for the band's second album? Mainly because the group did not want to go through a sophomore slump, like several artists have done in the past. Maroon 5 wanted to have the record just right to deliver to their fans. Their plan worked, because It Won't Be Soon Before Long is an arresting change from their debut album.
The band has come a long way from its humble beginnings as Kara's Flowers. With help from their influences, which include Prince and The Police, the group symbolized an assorted mix of pop dance tracks to liven a party to a little jazz to smooth the album out. "If I Never See Your Face Again" provides a funk filled sound that is nonexistent in today's music. "Makes Me Wonder" brings out the electronic beats that a person can easily groove to, while "Goodnight, Goodnight," and "Back At Your Door," carries out the ballad side by providing poignant memories of a special loved one. The sensual "Kiwi" and the whirling sounds of "Can't Stop" are songs that are reminiscing of singles you would hear from Prince and Michael Jackson. My personal favorite is "Little of Your Time," which provides a rock beat with a pop twist. With the guitar riffs going throughout the song, you cannot deny that this song is dance worthy. Although the beats are addictive, the lyrics are equally gratifying. "Makes Me Wonder" raises the question "give me something to believe in." Anyone can identify to that question, whether it is a relationship or a friendship. It is something that people can easily relate to. Add in lead singer Adam Levine's strong and sensual voice onto the album and it is a surefire hit. Overall, the total vibe of this album is tantalizing and sexy. If you a die-hard fan or a person who just discovered the group, this album will draw you in with its polished beats and powerful lyrics.

The album may be a far cry from their debut, but it show that Maroon 5 found a way to change their style without swaying away from the sound that made them famous. The five-year wait was definitely worth it because every song on the album is excellent. Maroon 5 should certainly be proud of their sophomore album because it is truly an amazing effort.

Check out the group as they begin their 28-city U.S. tour in September,with stops in Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles. The band will be in Houston at the Toyota Center on October 26.

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