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The Folly of the Green Concert

by myracleworks (writer), North Hollywood, July 25, 2007

Recently the world was enlightened to the plight of the warming planet and the global conundrum that is the doom of all living creatures. Geniusly, it was thought of expand the reach and awareness of the impending global catastrophe by holding multiple, multi-thousand person concerts with today's big names, to shed light on the crisis and bring people together to create a new awareness.

See, that's PR jargon for "make money".

The reality of the situation is that the Live Earth concert, transmitted worldwide on television and radio, both terrestrial and satellite, is not going to result in a new awareness of global warming; is not going to result in a profound new way of being for the world; is not going to bring the much-ballyhooed enlightenment to the masses.

Live Earth billed itself as a carbon neutral show. Is that because the organizers purchased the 'carbon credits' which now magically neutralizes all the carbon emissions which 100,000 watts of power to illuminate stage lighting, Marshall half-stacks and miles upon miles of beer kegerators? How does a show which is supposed to be about awareness and prevention of global warming purport to solve the problem when it's artists and presenters fly over 250,000 miles, needlessly, to their destinations, when multiple limousines, moving trucks, stage rigging trucks, and spectator vehicles all clamor into the parking?

The Vans Warped Tour in the United States is a tour that is not so hidden about what it is and does. It does not promote a greener pasture, nor a rainbow over the meadow. It does layer stages of punk rock music, sandwiched within a sea of forced-corporate sponsorships and injected left-wing politics from everything including "Fuck Bush" politics to Peta and various "Save the Planet" movements - and it isn't bashful about it. Possibly these organizers of the more mainstream concerts could take a lesson?

What both Live Earth and Vans Warped Tour have in common is one disgusting secret - mountains of trash and waste. No matter how much a concert tries to be green, it simply falls short when it's patrons have to wade through ankle-deep layers of trash, plastic and the very flyers that all the political organizations pass out. In fact, the Vans Warped Tour actively encourages the mass-littering of the venue, by forcing each band to flyer for their set time, which isn't announced until 30 minutes before the venue opens it's doors.

While we think about the impending doom of 2012 and the complimentary global warming that is alleged to choke us into submission, let us remember not to buy into the freeze-dried rhetoric which is shoveled into our faces every day: that a concert can change the world.

There was once a time when that was true, when it was believed that a show can bring forth change. Think of that when you're in the grassy section of Verizon Wireless in Irvine or at the Warped Tour. Think of that after you realized you just walked through six inches of trash, dirt, mud, half-eaten food and litter in your flip-flops. Think of how a show could change all that.

Then remember: in 1968, when everyone thought the show could change the world - every single person there was high.

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