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Tips to Prevent Wrinkle on Face

by anneyauster (writer), California, July 05, 2014

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Wrinkle Prevention

Worried you might look too old too soon? Who’s not? There are simple tips you can follow to keep you younger-looking and be the envy of many by the time you attend your high school reunion.

  1. Don't blame it on your genes. The genes you inherited can make you more prone to skin aging. If your grandmother and mom have grown stubborn signs of aging even before they turned 30, there’s a chance you might grow them too soon as well. The good news is that scientific studies have pointed out that your genes are responsible for only a fraction of how your skin ages, and that much of your wrinkles are caused by lifestyle choices you make. So, take action today: rethink your lifestyle and switch to healthier routines to help you keep wrinkles away.
  2. Protect your skin from the sun. The sun is responsible for most skin damage that happens to your skin. The damage may not be immediately apparent but they lie and accumulate just underneath your skin’s surface and develop into wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin over time. The best way to protect your skin from wrinkles is by preventing them from showing up at all! Shield your skin every day, throughout the day, with a generous amount of broad spectrum sunscreen, and you’ll be helping your skin a lot in keeping it moist, supple, and less prone to wrinkles.
  3. Wear sunglasses regularly. Stop squinting! It doesn’t matter if your sunglasses are worth $500 or $5, what matters more is that you use them regularly even while you have sunscreen on. Wrinkles often become noticeable around the eyes, where skin is thinnest.
  4. Eat, drink, and slather on the antioxidants. You can never have too much of the skin goodness that can be derived from antioxidants which are available from food and from topical creams infused with them. Wrinkles appear when skin is damaged, mostly due to free radicals which enter the body when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays and environmental pollution, and toxins from food you eat. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to prevent them from damaging body cells, including skin cells. Load up on red and blue berries, currants, broccoli, and green tea daily.
  5. Get sufficient rest and sleep. Skin repair happens while you sleep, so make sure you benefit from it. Prevent sleep lines which can eventually turn into wrinkles by sleeping on your back. Maintain good blood circulation even as you get a good night’s sleep. Those who sleep face down tend to form wrinkles on their foreheads while those who sleep on their sides tend to form wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
  6. Stop smoking. The best and fastest way for you to inflict harm and damage to your skin is to continue puffing away millions of toxic chemicals on your face! If you’re serious about keeping your skin young, it’s time to quit and get healthy!
  7. Control your facial expressions. Repeated facial expressions eventually turn out to become permanently etched on your skin. Try not to use too many facial muscles when you laugh or tell a story to a friend. Skin’s collagen production slows down as you age, making skin less elastic and less capable of bouncing back when wrinkled.
  8. Be happy: Stay Away from Tension. Health and skin youthfulness are a product of your state of mind. Do things that help you relax. Manage stress better and do not let anybody beat you to your game. Use your head and less of your emotions when dealing with a problem. In time, you will not only find a solution but also save yourself from the health impacts of tension, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.
  9. Try out over-the-counter anti-wrinkle products. Wrinkles can be prevented but it’s a natural process and you can’t keep them off forever. As you develop wrinkles, so too should your skin care regimen adjust to your skin aging issues and needs. When you try anti-wrinkle products for the first time to combat the first phase of your wrinkles, try over-the-counter anti-wrinkle products first. It’s best to start with simple formulations. Save the more concentrated solutions for later.
  10. See a doctor. When friends’ skin tips and over-the-counter products fail to work on your wrinkles, consult a dermatologist to find out other options to help you fight and even reverse your stubborn and bothersome wrinkles. You know that nature is abound with ingredients that help you fight skin aging well, so is science. From prescription creams to non-invasive procedures downright to cosmetic surgery, there must be one technique that’s appropriate to address your wrinkle issues and that fits you and your budget well.

Nothing beats prevention in keeping your skin wrinkle-free. Do everything you can today to make your skin more resilient in keeping wrinkles off.

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By Dr. Vivek Kumar on February 10, 2015 at 04:53 am

Thanks anneyauster ! Such a nice stuff you have writen here. apart from these we have one more option for skin care in such cases. If peoples are having such problems the platelet rich plasma therapy "PRP Treatment" is also useful to rejuvenate the skin condition.

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