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Chiffon Wedding Dress Guide

by kakawenzeng (writer), , June 27, 2014

So the time has come for you tie the knot. Now the most important thing to you is to prepare yourself that you are looking perfect on your special day.

So the time has come for you tie the knot. Now the most important thing to you is to prepare yourself that you are looking perfect on your special day. Buying or preparing your wedding dress is a long process and require lot of vigilance, it is surely a difficult task for the bride to choose among various styles and design. However part from design it is equally important for the bride to understand the fabric as well since each fabric has its own qualities and shortcomings. If your wedding is scheduled in summers and you are looking for light fabric then the best choice for you is to choose chiffon for your wedding dress. Let's discuss how and why chiffon dresses should be used in wedding dresses.

Basic properties of chiffon

Chiffon is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers which means it is lightweight and balanced plain-woven sheer fabric. Due to this reason Chiffon fabric can be adapted to a large range of dresses, because of this adaptability. Chiffon dresses are preferred by designers as it is easier for them to shape the fabric and try it with multiple designs and shapes.

Benefits of a chiffon made wedding dress

Since chiffon is basically a summer fabric that's why light, airy chiffon fabrics are well coordinated to the many styles of summer dresses. Chiffon can give the bride's dress some extra volume without becoming too heavy that it feel uncomfortable. Due to that reason it is relaxed for the bride to move around.

Chiffon lace wedding dress
Lace is an important part of a wedding dress, delicate and elegant lace is a big favorite when it comes to wedding dresses. Since chiffon is so thin and come with multiple see through colors so a lace design made of chiffon is a perfect choice for a bride to prepare a chiffon rich dress using lace that can give an elegant look at upper part of the body, specially the shoulders.

Chiffon Textural Layers

Since chiffon is very slippery so designer avoid to use chiffon when making a textural layers based wedding dress, they probably would prefer other fabrics like organza. However chiffon rich texture can have a spectacular effect, as chiffon is naturally shinny and add depth to the overall design. Brides usually like chiffon texture in wedding dresses but it could be a little time consuming to find such dresses as compare to others.

Colored Chiffon

You can find colored chiffon in almost all colors unlike some other fabrics. Chiffon can dyed in dark and glowing color and after washing it would not look outdated. However, since chiffon is usually used as an over layer, the effect can be too strong for some dresses.

Drawback of chiffon

Part of multiple advantages there are few drawback of chiffon that you should be aware of. Chiffon requires special care like hand wash only, it can easily take stains unlike other fabrics, since it is slippery so usually hard to cut and stitch.

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