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Most Popular Formal Dress Patterns in 2014

by kakawenzeng (writer), , June 25, 2014

Prom, Christmas and New Year season is fast approaching. Just like each year this time around we again come up with most popular formal dress patterns in 2014.

Prom, Christmas and New Year season is fast approaching. Just like each year this time around we again come up with most popular formal dress patterns in 2014. Few patterns saw a repeat from the past season but there are quite a few that definitively saw a shift. Let's get started with some of the most popular formal dresses patterns in 2014.

Long formal dresses
Chiffon made floor-length formal dresses are most famous pattern in 2014, thanks for the red carpets celebrities. Floor-length dress saw a surge in demand in recent days specially with lace flowers and embroidery dress. A slit from the front is necessary if you want to show some skin to give it a sexy look.

Sweetheart formal dresses
If you are looking for flattering style that fit on almost all body shapes then sweetheart formal dresses are the one you should look for. Two graceful curves accentuating the bust and meets at the centre draws heart shape and that's call a sweetheart. The dress provide enough coverage to the bust but at the same time show enough skin to draw attention to the figure. Sweetheart formal dresses are growing pattern in 2014 with short-length for young girls and floor-length for mature women.

Open-back formal dresses

Every lady like attention on event like prom night and wedding. No matter if it's your family, friend or even yourself would like all eyes turn to you. There are number of fabulous dresses come out this season to serve the purpose and among one of our favorite is backless or strapped back formal dresses. The pattern in equally famous in 2014 but make sure that it comes with long-length gown otherwise with short dresses open-back you may look a bit over.

One Shoulder formal dress

One shoulder formal dress features a strap on one side of the shoulder and gracefully connected to bust. It is by far one of the most elegant looking formal dress for formal events that will surely make you look fabulous and mature. In 2014 one shoulder dresses were particularly famous with mermaid fitting. If you want to add more spice to the dress then try with a lace strap covering half of your shoulder. One shoulder evening gowns and single strap dresses were all the rage on the red carpet this season and the pattern is being still followed in the remaining part of 2014. These one shoulder formal dresses will make you look sexy without looking cheap. Famous pattern in term of colors are black and hot red evening gowns.

Lace Flowers and Embroidery Bridesmaids Dresses
The ever green lace concentrated formal dresses are as famous in wedding as they are prom evening and other formal events. Lace flowers and embroidery dress with full floor-length from the back and just above knee-length from the front would really give you a cutting edge while designing your formal dress, we have observed it as a growing trends when it comes to selecting formal dresses.

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