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The Expanding Alliance between Azerbaijan and the USA

by Lindsay Edwards (writer), , June 24, 2014

Azerbaijan may be a small country, but it's quickly rising up the ranks on the world stage thanks in large part to its natural resources and strategic location.

When you think of investing in a country in Eastern Europe, it’s quite common to think of Russia. This is because it’s perceived to have a fair amount of industries that are easy to invest in. There is, however, an alternative to investing in Russia. Azerbaijan is becoming one of the most popular places to invest in as companies and corporations from the Untied States turn to this great country to look for investment opportunities. For example, companies like Georgia Gas, led by Anar Mammadov have grown the company hugely by following this trend.

The Country of Azerbaijan

The small country of Azerbaijan is roughly the same size of the state of Maine in the United States of America. Although the country is small compared to the US, it’s actually one of the largest in the Caucasus region. As is well known throughout the world, the Caucasus region has plenty of oil and gas of which investment is always popular. However, it’s not just oil and gas that’s popular in the region. The region has quite a small wage structure, which means it’s a great place for companies to setup distribution centre’s.

USA - Azerbaijan Alliance

One of the main reasons that Azerbaijan is fast becoming a popular place for United States is because of a non-profit organisation called the Azerbaijan Alliance created by Anar Mammadov (see here for Anar Mammadov, founder of Azerbaijan America Alliance), which aims to promote and provide information on the people, society, industry, history, culture and current events of the country. Its mission is to create a friendly atmosphere based on the understanding of each other’s cultures, academic discussions and cultural programs.

Events & Networking Conferences

The Alliance has hosted and put on many trade and relationship building events over the last years this is a great tactic to help build the strong networking bridges that you need to build the bond from business to community deals. For example in Washington the US capital city they sponsored a 5k Mother’ Day road race though the scenic Rock Creek Park in May of this year in aid of USA Triathlon Association (USAT) that helps young people get into sport and exercise across the field from running to swimming and to help their personal development. They have also of course are very business oriented with the Congressional Briefing on Azerbaijan which brings together top members of U.S. Congress, senior U.S. officials, and some high level executives of large multinational companies, and representatives of Azerbaijani government to discuss the importance of the ever growing energy, trade and business dealings between the U.S. and Azerbaijan.

The alliance between the two countries is bound to improve and increase dramatically as trade between the United States of America and Azerbaijan ramps up. Expect to here a lot more USA companies looking to invest in the region.

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