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Globally speaking. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, June 24, 2014

The globe man only knocks my case twice too much.


rEspECT...ahhh!... you don't know what you're doing to ME and the country!

Australia you're standing in it. Evil Can Evil wouldn't attempt to jump the crap our pollies bury themselves in.

Yep, spelt the daredevil's name wrong. But wrong seems to be the preferred tool to chisel the way to a shortcut to disaster.

Turned on tele for the first time in ages. Didn't really fancy 'The Voice,' too many commercials and much ado about buffing their own egos (the panel that is) before the wonderful artists come on. Great show though.

Flicked to the ABC of exposed corruption, stacked so high and thick you could build a monument of crap for every stinking greedy lying person, all male in the main, no manes much, just fat bald lying d.......heads.

In short, developers (some deregistered) were warned not to contribute money in the shape of 'donations' to install 'yes' pollies to do their bidding.They did. A couple of guys, one a judge, the other an HONEST pollie for Gad's sake bought the whole miserable pack of tainted card sharps down.

The judge predicted what happened. A brave nonchalant man. He looked weary,probably was. The H guy was approached and conned into a donation he thought was genuine. He wrote out a cheque to a mob for $5000 which was a drop in the ocean of the overall rort. He was puzzled somewhat at the final insistence that the cheque be written out to a group he wasn't familiar with but he believed in the scheme. Only to find the money went missing. Diverted along with a large purse to the scum that now had the bags. Is that term 'scumbags' the collective? That's what they did.

The proper authority notifies H, "haven't seen the cheque?" Whole deal collapsed. Suited idiots denying everything on their grandmother's grave...doubt whether she'd entertain them...but when you think about it, who bought these mongrels up?

Or, who would want to more to the point? Ended with the shadows of bars emulating larger stripes on their immaculate suits. But as in America...they'll get off- clap each other on the back. Their E bags will run again. Pass jail,go to collect.

Next, the scandal of the 'hacking' Media in the murky 'payoffs to officials' etc. Then, woe behind! A bushy tailed in- charge editor redhead of sorts, sort of pleasant looking, with a 'no comment' body to propel up and down the street. Same crap different country. Not one brave bastard cept for a couple to own up and insist "everybody does it." AND their bosses knew!

Switched to a question and answer show on current matter of journo arrested in Egypt allegedly siding with bad guys. How could you not? Most of the honest ones seem to have been locked up because if honesty and truth escape and run rampant all hell could break loose! Actually i think hell's been having a field day for so long honesty and truth would be a sawdust hurdle.

I switched off, put my imaginary puss out, perhaps wishing one would knock on the door. An honest one.

Knock on the door. I looked at myself, down at my knees. Nup, no knocks, rattles, or coin jingling bribes.

Opened the door, which is a start, to see a startled shabby looking unshaven 'energy saving' "i am here to give you FREE! An energy saving stick on draft demolisher. It sticks on the door. Also i have a shower head so that you use less water. AND-ENERGY SAVING 15 watt lights!"

Look! usually i tell these people to shove it in a polite way. The guy had come from one of the big cities one and a half hours way. There must be a God of energy caring for me. Told him i wasn't going to let him in to screw the shower head on and take a photo of it. Look i never sign anything. Felt sorry for him as he didn't seem evil because he didn't ask for a cheque. He looked like he was a developer...of cardboard single room flats. I sighed, signed.

I did knock him back on the first approach i must add. He wouldn't give me the door stick on or the shower piece for the reason above. HELL! He could have been a shower attacker hacker and dishonest! And he was. Dishonest. He dropped 18 globes on my front porch...took them all out of the boxes to see if any were cracked. None were,except me. Must have been. "Don't tell them about this for golly sake or i'll lose my job." He then wrote down 8 globes in one room and my dump i'm doing up has only two bedrooms. ETC. Halfshaven shook my hand, disappeared into the night...didn't even have a light. So i stood there shivering in the cold, realizing i had just changed my globes the week before to energy efficient. Though they are 70 watt. These globes, despite the claims, wouldn't light a matchbox.

I was looking at the globes this morning after chasing eighteen empty boxes round the front garden.

I will give them to charity i guess as i just about have enough to light up that woman in America but she already has a torch and headgear i heard.

I think she takes Liberties. So did i. I don't want the guy to lose his job but if they ring and it's a scam and want something at least this time i'll see the light but i don't really have to as i have enough to illuminate the neighborhood.

I guess i was and am part of something corrupt. It wasn't greed. What the hell am i going to say when they ring up because if i tell the truth of what happened the guy will lose his job? Maybe they'll just tell him not to do it again but isn't that what the judges told the money changers manipulators scumbags that run to ruination?

Listen...if i end up in a Global court do you guys mind if i say "i was going to send the goods to America, so that at least eighteen people will have seen the light. I was tired,not thinking, the word "freebiE" with a big E on the end sucked me in?" Is Evil on our doorstep? Don't worry folks...i will light the way...energetically.

Just wish i had of gone to bed and let the guy "knock" himself out. Just hope i haven't signed up to be America's next president. NAAHH!...i don't know how to lie. Not calling yours a liar. Ours isn't, his spin doctor developers do it for him. Anyway, if you're a globetrotter or your puss has trouble finding its way home tell her to scratch on the door with the premature xmas light decorations. Enough to start global warming. My mum always said "don't sign anything!" My parents wouldn't even sign my birth certificate. For all i know i could have been born yesterday. It would appear that way. I think i'll have a light breakfast in the morn. You see the condemned man ate a hearty breakfast. Cheers and have an enlightening weekend. I feel like a crook...and isn't there a lot to choose from if you feel like having one round. Eighteen round, is my problem at the moment. Can't see the wood for the trees,and the blinding freebies. Please keep what i've told you to yourselves. Loose lips sink electricity ships.

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