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Pope: NonCatholics Going to Hell

by Delores Williams (writer), Los Angeles, July 11, 2007


I always liked Pope John Paul II, but the Catholic Church is back to their usual games of telling other churches they are wrong, and more importantly, they "lack the means of salvation." Yep, that is what he said, but he wants the dialogue to continue.

Ok, I have some dialogue for you.

What did Jesus Christ say about religious leaders that do their stuff for others to see?

How about his views on judging?

My favorite, What Scripture did you use to justify your priests lying, raping boys, and stealing from the Church?
Perhaps you need a little more dialogue.

What did Jesus say about the traditions of men nullifying the word of God? Oops, bet you did not know a commoner knew about that one. How about the fact that Jesus made his friends among the very people that you say have no means of salvation. Here is a final clue. Do you get that salvation is about Jesus, if you are a Christian. It is not about a church,or believing that the Pope has a direct line to God or whatever. Here is the bottom line, why has the Pope, all of them, been quiet when your priest have been the guilty party. They acted like criminals and tried to hide behide your paupal robes.

Now, really my final thought. If all are going to hell, but true Catholics, then I think you misread the Bible, and perhaps should concentrate on the Scriptures forbidding pride, arrogance, self righteousness, and sexual sin. Heck, why not post the seven deadly sins. Instead of using them as a vision, live your life trying to avoid them.

I am so glad we had this dialogue.

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By D. E. Carson on July 12, 2007 at 12:19 am
I spent three and a half years in prison -- er I mean Catholic School and then after 13 years of feeling like crap I find that I had been lied to by that school then spent five years relearning what had been lies and now spending nine years actually finding the truth, I have to agree that the Catholic Church is a little bit behind in its stance. Okay it's as wrong as Neville Chamberlain when he declared "peace in our time". I'd like to know more about your views on Christianity in general. Call it intellectual curiousity.
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