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Top 10 ideas for good parenting

by dollieandme (writer), Lancaster, June 18, 2014

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Being a parent is never easy and parenting is even tougher. All parents want to be good at parenting and be able to teach their kids the right things.

Being a parent is never easy and parenting is even tougher. All parents want to be good at parenting and be able to teach their kids the right things. However, when it comes to parenting, parents definitely can do with some help. Learning from other parents and reading about parenting can go a long way in making you into a good parent.

Here are the top 10 ideas for good parenting that can help you hone your parenting skills.

1. Your-Actions-Matter: Parents should realize their kids are always watching and learning from them. Hence, what you do is important. Try not to react in the heat of the moment. Always count 10 and take a deep breath before reacting.

2. Love-is-the-Answer: There is a huge difference between showing your love towards your child and spoiling them. When you spoil a child, you offer material gifts, lower your expectations and are lenient. On the other hand, when you shower your child with love, you are not spoiling him or her. You are showing they are special and you care about your child’s well being. So, there is no way you can spoil your child with love.

3. Adjust-Your-Parenting-Skills to Suit Your Child: Children have different developmental stages and your child’s behavior is dependent on these stages. For instance, a three-year-old wants to be independent and that is why he or she will always say ‘no’ to anything you want them to do; whereas a 14-year-old is inquisitive and curious and this is the reason he or she is always arguing with you. If you understand your child’s psyche, you will be able to change your parenting skills to fit with your child’s development and behavior.

4. Fix and Set Rules: Both parents should establish and set rules together. You should always know where is your child, who your child is with and what your child is doing. The answers to these questions come from your child and are based on the rules that you establish. Rules also allow you to handle your child’s behavior and this, in turn, will allow your child to manage herself or himself when they are slightly older and do not have you constantly around them.

5. Teach Your Child to be Independent: Do not make your child dependent on you for every little thing. Instead, encourage your child to be independent and make his or her own decisions. You can start with simple things, such as encouraging your child to pick out their own clothes. Independence fosters self-control and teaches a child his or her limits.

6. Be Part of Your Child’s Life: Good parenting involves sacrificing, changing and adapting your schedule and priorities. This also will help you understand the needs of your child and provide accordingly. It will foster good communication between you and your child.

7. Harsh Punishment is never the Answer: There will be times when you feel like spanking your child, but refrain from corporal punishment. Children, who are spanked, tend to be bullies and have a tendency to fight with other kids to resolve disputes instead of talking things over.

8. Always Be Consistent: Good parenting means being consistent. Never change rules to suit your needs and convenience. There are some things you should never negotiate and these should be made clear to your child. If you keep changing the rules, you will confuse your child.

9. Let Your Child Know the Rules: If your child does not know the rules, he or she cannot act within the boundaries of those rules. On the other hand, when a child is aware of the rules, he or she knows their limits and will live up to your expectations.

10. Children Need Respect too: Never undermine your child’s opinion. Always respect it and when your child speaks to you, make it a point to listen carefully. The way you treat your child, he or she will treat others. If you want your child to respect you, first learn to respect him or her.

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