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by rosemaryrose (writer), , June 13, 2014

?Individuals do not need to spend more time on the Internet to search for job openings.

Individuals do not need to spend more time on the Internet to search for job openings. Today, people can avoid the tedious process of going through the employment page of newspapers for job opportunities. It is advisable to use online resources to your advantage. There has been a significant difference in the manner of job search with the use of online tools in the job market. Job seekers can certainly take the assistance of various online jobs search websites Like and can directly apply for relevant jobs from there.


5 key steps to effective job searching:-

Step 1 :- Self Analysis

Step 2 :- Career Research

Step 3 :- Developing Job Search Materials

Step 4 :- Targeted Job Searching

Step 5 :- Follow-up

social media :-

Sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter can also be important as part of the job hunting process. They are useful means of self publicising your career goals and intentions and for gaining referrals, or connections through other users.

LinkedIn is designed for making professional, rather than social, connections. It’s an excellent platform for searching for jobs by industry ho might be able to help you in your job hunting.

job hunting apps :-

there are a number of job hunting apps around now too, such as jobs that pull jobs from a range of sites, streamlining your efforts into one place.

Websites :-

There are innumerable sites online that provide job vacancies with searchable databases, opportunities to upload a CV, gain advice and organise interviews. As mentioned above, most of the traditional recruitment agencies now have an online presence, as well as the online-only sites.

Careers Fairs :-

Don’t miss opportunities to meet employers face to face at careers fairs in your region. At these events you can talk to recruiters, find out about forthcoming vacancies and even get feedback on your CV.

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