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Cheap Airline tickets to Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland

?Dublin, the beautiful capital city of Ireland is a hit among tourists and travelers. Its green parks, exotic restaurants, museums and lively nightlife make it a top tourist destination.

Whether you are traveling for leisure purpose or you have a work-related meeting there, Dublin is a city which is worth exploring. An individual’s cash flows can pose a problem while taking any vacation trip abroad. But as the time has moved forward, new methods and ways have led to the monetary expenses reducing considerably. Buying an airline ticket is the biggest expense of any trip abroad. In order to minimize this expense, the online air travel companies offer generous discounts and the competition among the countless airlines has also led to the availability of cheap Airline tickets.

Iveage Gardens

This beautiful park is perfect for a picnic in the evening. You can hear the birds chirping and the sound of waterfalls while you sit back and relax.

Dublin National Museum of Ireland

A must visit place if you wish to learn more about the Irish art, culture and history. The museum exhibits military artifacts which date back to 1555. Other collections include church treasures, gold work, Egyptian and roman artifacts as well as items from the Viking period.

Dublin being a top tourist destination is a big plus. It makes it possible for travelers to get cheap airline tickets. If you are lucky enough to bag a cheap airline tickets to the Dublin, then following are some of the destinations that you must visit while you are there.

The Dublin Zoo

No matter what, a visit to the zoo is a must. Whichever city of the world you visit, you are obliged to pay a visit to the local zoo. The ‘Dublin Zoo’ holds the privilege of being the largest zoo in Ireland. It is divided into different sections. Each section holds animals and bird of great interest. Perhaps the zoo’s “African plains” section is most fascinating.

Dublin Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is an ancient prison of Ireland which has now been converted to a Museum. It is a place of great importance and has a rich historical background. Many famous leaders of Irish rebellion were imprisoned and executed here. The place stands to be one of the most important monuments in Ireland. It represents the struggle for Irish independence.

Dublin Castle

Dublin castle is presently an Irish government complex. The structure dates back to the days of King John who was the first Lord of Ireland. The castle has a long history and it was used by the British during their rule in England until 1922. The architecture and design of this magnificent castle is truly unique and stylish.

The Dublin National Wax Museum

This popular museum displays lots of wax made figures and other figures which have been made from different materials. For children, the museum has figures of various story book characters and television shows. Other famous figures include the figure of Dracula, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Yoda and Frankenstein. The museum is a major tourist attraction of Dublin.

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