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Islamabad – An Exotic Destination to Enjoy Sunshine

by Jayce Norman (writer), London, June 05, 2014

Islamabad is an exotic destination to enjoy sunshine and lots of other attractions. Enjoy the ideal climate with London flights to Islamabad.

Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan, attracts a good number of foreign travelers, though not all come here for holidays. Nevertheless, it can be a fantastic destination for a delightful vacation experience. This is because of its ideal location, favorable climate and availability of a number of tourist-friendly amenities. For foreigners, it is indeed an exotic destination to enjoy sunshine.

The Climate of Islamabad

Islamabad is located more than a thousand miles from the Arabian Sea. This results into the city becoming quite hot in summer and cool in winter. Travelers taking London flights to Islamabad must know about the rise and fall of the temperature, which rises as the summer begins and reaches up to 90 degree Fahrenheit.

Barring a few instances when the temperature gets too high to become unbearable, the city of Islamabad remains prettily warm with lots of sunshine. Moreover, its close proximity to mountains makes it quite different from the rest of the country.

Murrre is a popular hill resort located just 50 km from Islamabad. Besides, you can also experience thunderstorm, which can bring down the temperature quite quickly, albeit temporarily.The winters, on the other hand, are prolonged as compared to other plain stations of Pakistan. This is because of its nearness to hills.

Best Time to Visit Islamabad

Rain is quite frequent and there are only few months when it receives little rain. The city is located close to the hills, which is what makes it prone to receiving high rainfalls. The summer season is pretty rainy with monsoon bringing much shower.

The rain in winter is, however, light to moderate and is the result of western disturbances, which is a kind of rain bearing system that has its origin in the Mediterranean Sea. All winter months except December get good rainfall. After the rains, the weather becomes clear, sunny and very cold.

In short, the best season to visit Islamabad is October and November in winter and March and April before the beginning of summer. The days are moderately warm and nights delightfully cool.

Things to See in Islamabad

The following are some of the notable attractions to see in Islamabad.

  • Faisal Mosque: The largest mosque in Pakistan and one of the biggest in the world, Faisal Mosque attracts tourists for its unique architecture uncommon in the mosques around the world.
  • Pir Sohawa: A destination to explore by adventure lovers. Enjoy the mountainous landscape and a variety of flora and fauna while hiking to Pir Sohawa.
  • Lok Virsa Museum: A visit to this outstanding museum is a must for travelers on holidays. Book cheap flights from London to Gatwick to Islamabad from Hoodaki and enjoy a great vacation in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History: Another great museum to explore during Islamabad holidays is the Pakistan Museum of Natural History, which has a number of artifacts related to local history and culture.
  • Islamabad Zoo: If you are here with family, then you can find some moments of fun and leisure at Islamabad Zoo, which has to showcase a number of native wildlife.

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