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Reporter Applauded For Not Reporting Paris Hilton

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, July 09, 2007

In recent weeks, when people tuned into the local news, one of the top stories that seemed to repeatedly surfaced was the fateful days of Paris Hilton in jail. Audience across the viewing area had to stomached breaking news stories about Paris being hauled off to jail, being released from jail, and then being whisked away to jail again. Some people wondered "when will it end," while others pondered "how is this news?"

While serious stories that actually need to be broadcasted are pushed to the side for the debutante latest escapades, one reporter decided that enough is enough and lit a fire to the heiress's story. Literally. Mika Brzezinski, a reporter for MSNBC's morning show "Morning Joe," demolished her copy of a story pertaining to Ms. Hilton being released from jail. The lighter incident was part comedy and part serious gesture that showed that people do not care about the many antics of "Young Hollywood." Many reporters and news outlets are quite ticked at the recent Hilton's stories, but of course in the society we live in today, the whereabouts of our favorite stars are what's hot in the news. To find out what Paris was eating in jail or what she wore after she was released was simply tasteless and unnewsworthy.

Knowing about your favorite celebrities are considered legitimate news stories, but when it interfere with stories that has depth and substance, it should not be put in the same category. Maybe Brzezinski hit the mark with destroying celebrity news once and for all.

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By Charles, Jr on November 14, 2007 at 09:03 pm
Very well written.
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