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Love Poem

This woman I have known since I was 12 years old, we have 4 kids, my love has NEVER dulled.

As a very novice poet if I can be called that I was challenged to do this poem, I hope someone likes it. It's about my love for the woman I have been with for life, since school.Both nearly 40 now.

hold a touch to feel your breath every day

I awaken every day and you are my first thought

I need to feel you, hear you, your breath against me

I need you more than a lung needs air, I think it’s love


Like Alpha needs the Omega, I need to know your warmth

Our sameness make us one, our differences make us two

When the night comes I need to feel your naked next to mine

Skin on Skin we intertwine as one soul, I think it’s love


I am on a path to love you more, prepare for what’s in store

The love I hold comes from my core, your heart beats as mine

When our hearts are joined as one, magic can happen, allow it

Life is short but love can last forever, we have to, I think it’s love


Never a moment passes when I don’t wish we were skin to skin

I won’t allow any sin to stop us being one, you know I love you hun

We have been through the good and bad and here we are together still

A love born through adolescence, now we have grown, I think it’s love


I make a promise to you now, no lies will come between us sweetheart

In a world where stolen words are spoke and words of hate are spread

We must block them out and be ourselves, otherwise it’s futile and wrong

Let’s just aim for the moon and one day we will come home, I KNOW it’s love


About the Writer

I was a Football manager then I had to stop because of the pain so took up writing. I am average, but the sentiment is there. I want to make this a better world I want to laugh. I have a partner and 4 kids, 2 sons who are older teenagers, and 2 daughters under 4. Share the care x
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By riginal on June 04, 2014 at 10:31 pm

lovely!...nice poem too. I reckon your sweetheart would be real easy to love and cherish as you do. Are you sure that's YOUR missus? Jeeze, no wonder you reckon you're in the best country...certainly seems you have the best of the best.And if she encourages you and stands by you which she obviously does how much better can life get? Has Dawn got a sister named good afternoon or later on in the day? Just kidding Shaun,you're one lucky little boy. But then in your defence you're going to say Dawn's one lucky little girl so dual/mutual admiration reigns supreme and isn't that the way it should be my friend? Cheers.

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By Shaun Gibson on June 05, 2014 at 10:22 am

We been together since School and this disability could have knocked us backwards...It did for a while. But she hangs in there. It is hard for her. But she is a rock, my rock. I guess I am the lucky one Riginal. Who would want a disabled person to put up with right? lol

I am not a poet, far from it but a few keep at me to do them.

lol @ Has Dawn got a sister named good afternoon or later on in the day?Nah is she is one of a kind. And yeah I am a lucky guy.

I don't know if you ever read this mate:

I guest blogged it, that is my truth. And the aftermath took me to a strange place. Still searching for myself I guess. I am the kid in the boat up in the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. Dawn saved me from something I, to this day hate.

Thanks for your comment, as always, gets me laughing..You are a good man.

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By Barbara MacDonald on June 05, 2014 at 03:48 pm

Very nice Shaun, written straight from your heart... :D

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