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How to Play 2048 apk

by mgibson (writer), , May 31, 2014

Enjoy 2048 game by following step by step guides are given here.

2048 apk is one of the most popular games you will always love to play at all time. Merely playing 2048 game for once will always demand for more from you. It makes you become addicted. By following step by step guide of 2048 game play, you will enjoy your game. Here are the step by step guides of the game:

- Ignore the warnings that could pop up

- Register for 2048 game

- Spend your time playing 2048 apk game

2048 apk is the type of game that will always keep you in suspense and keeps addicting every day. You can never give up on 2048 game as any other game as you range impotently at the interesting and stupid 2048 apk. Most of the people playing 2048 game always do it as if their lives depend on it. You can invite your friends to join and become addicted like you.

This game is an amazing game with simple and fun platform. It was developed by an Italian developer. You can download it form online or play directly from online.

Essential Tips on 2048 apk Game

Here are simple tricks that enhance your wining action in 2048 game:

- Arrow restriction. This is basically use right and down, carefully up and never left.

- Ever fix the 4th column

- Keep the 4th column sorted

How to attain 2048 apk Tile

- Avoid using up arrow key except that you have no moves to the left side

- Ensure that you keep the high valued blocks at the bottom row and arrange the scores on the block in descending order from left side toe the right side. Then from right to left side of the second row.

- As soon as you get to the upper pattern, it will be very much easier to get 2048 tile as you merge 8 and 8 tiles for you to get 16. 16 and 16 tiles to get 32. Just keep going like that until you get 2048 tile as you merge the 1024 and 2048 tile.

The major cheat for 2048 is to maintain the highest tile in the corner and make sure you do not move it. Play with only 2 or at times 3 arrow keys, move the other tiles to the same corner. By following the 2048 game, then there is 80% tendency that you will attain 2048 tile.

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