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5 tips for choosing your next Cornwall campsite holiday

by Jason Hulott (writer), Westgate on Sea, UK, May 29, 2014

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Cornwall is a top spot in the UK for camping holidays, especially when you are planning a family summer break. Here is a quick look at options.

Cornwall is a top spot in the UK for camping holidays, especially when you are planning a family summer break.

However, the success of your trip will come down to how well you plan it. So what exactly should you keep in mind in order to make your camping trip this summer one to remember?

1. Decide which type of campsite you want to stay in

The first thing to consider when deciding upon campsites in Cornwall is to know which type of holiday park you are looking for. Factors that you may want to consider include whether it is targeted at families, couples or large groups, as this will help you to refine your search.

You should also decide whether you want a campsite that is large and has many facilities such as a shop and a swimming pool, or whether you want to stay in a tiny campsite in the middle of nowhere.

2. Research popular things to do

There are plenty of natural attractions in Cornwall, including the amazing beaches and the beautiful countryside, but there are other things to do as well. These include major attractions like the Eden Project, Newquay Zoo and Cornwall Seal Sanctuary.

You could either choose somewhere located right next to a large attraction, or you may want to choose somewhere like Perran Springs, which is an easy drive from many attractions while remaining far enough away to provide you with a feeling of escape.

3. Look for available activities

Find out about the activities that are available either at the campsite or in the area. Having easy access to a beach is ideal because Cornish beaches are some of the best in the UK. However, other activities may include:

  • cycling;
  • sports;
  • hiking;
  • fishing;
  • surfing.

You may also want to find a campsite located either a walk or a short drive from a town so you can go out to eat, stock up on supplies and enjoy a change of scene.

4. Prepare for rain or shine

Cornwall is beautiful whether the sun is shining or not, but it makes sense to prepare for bad weather. You may get the odd day of rain, or you may get lucky and only have glorious sunshine. However, make sure you prepare properly so that you have enough to do whatever the weather.

This could include taking some board games with you as well as looking for indoor attractions in the area that you can drive or walk to, which could save your holiday from being a washout.

5. Consider going out of season

The summer is the best time for camping, but if you don't mind slightly longer and chillier nights, going out of season could be a great option. It may be less expensive, and there will likely be fewer people. At the same time you can enjoy all of the things that make camping in Cornwall so fun.

If you want to visit out of season, you will have to find a campsite that is open the whole year, but you should not have too much difficulty in finding one.

Have fun on your camping trip

A camping trip in Cornwall will provide you with a simple, affordable holiday that will be a lot of fun for you and your family. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the UK, and if the weather is kind, you will enjoy a holiday to remember wherever you decide to pitch up your tent.

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