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Top Must-See Tourist Attractions in the Beautiful Bangalore

Credit: Bangalore City
Bangalore City

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Bangalore City

Bangalore, India has such colors of old and new that it has to be experienced in order to be understood. On one side are the old streets of Doddapete and Chikkapette, established by Kempe Gowda 1(the founder of Bangalore) in the sixteenth century. On the other side nestles dozens of IT firms that form India’s Silicon Valley.

Today, Bangalore exhibits a robust cosmopolitan ambience and is recognized for its pubs serving out draught beer and its fame as a place for western rock concerts. With it innumerable Parks and Gardens, as well as pleasant climate, Bangalore is widely known for its tranquility.

Millions of travelers take flights from London to Bangalore to explore this incredibly beautiful city. It is a paradise for tourists as the city is well-connected to major tourist attractions. There are tons of places to see on a holiday to Bangalore city in India. Read on to know the top 3 must-see places on a Bangalore Holiday….

Attara Kacheri (or High Court) and the Surroundings

Built in 1867 under the rule of Tipu Sultan, Attara Kacheri is a two-storied building that is painted in red along with Corinthian columns in Gothic form of architecture. It is situated at the entrance of Cubbon Park and has High Court and several lower courts.

Located near to the court is the State Central Library building that features “Pompeian Red” color and architectural style of fluted pillars and stone, along with walls finished in lime plaster. Nearby, the Government Museum has myriad exotic collection of inscriptions, old paintings, coins and sculptures. Next to the museum is Venkatappa Art Gallery, exhibiting highly popular painting, plaster of Paris works, and wooden sculptures by the renowned artist Venkatappa and of many other contemporary artists.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Palace

A lot of travelers board flights from London to Bangalore, especially to visit and explore the Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort.

The place was originally constructed by Chikkadeva Raya in mud. Later, Hyder Ali began reconstruction in Indo-Islamic architecture. This is then completed by his son, Tipu Sultan in the year 1791. The Hindu temple that is located in the courtyard of the fort is the evidence of Tipu Sultan’s religious tolerance.

Do visit this serene wooden temple and get a glimpse of golden old days.

Cubbon Park

Situated in the city’s heart and spanning over 300 acre area, Cubbon Park is a fabulous place to unleash in the lush green paradise. Additionally, it has treasure of several species of beautiful plants.

The park was named after the former commissioner of Bangalore “Sir Mark Cubbon.” Many flowering and ornamental trees, both indigenous and charming, can be seen in this park. It is a famous place for joggers, nature lovers and walkers. Bal Bhavan in the park is a amazing place for the kids to enjoy. Additionally, an aquarium is located in the Cubbon Park, with several varieties of ornamental and exotic fish.

Despite the city’s nod towards the 21st century and modernity, Bangalore is an extremely interesting city.Since the city houses a multicultural society, you can easily find different delicious cuisines here.

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