Saturday, September 22, 2018

Buy Frequent Flyer Miles Program and Travel the World

I’ve harbored a desire to travel the world for as long as I can remember. Not like a tourist does, seeing everything on a superficial level, but the way a traveler does.

I want to visit countries, not for their monuments, but to hear the stories that their streets brim with, to know new people, and to taste the food that tantalizes the taste buds of the locals. Perhaps travelling is just another form of escapism for me – maybe all I’ve ever wanted is to leave behind the small orbit of my life and experience things on a much grander scale. Travelling is beautiful. It humbles you – you realize that the people around you have lives of their own. There is a word in the English language, ‘Sonder’, which summarizes this concept aptly; it means the realization every random passerby lives a life as complicated and vivid as your own. Travel ends prejudices, because it forces you to look past the differences that exist between two peoples.

But in today’s day and age, travelling is a wealthy man’s indulgence. Fortunately, those of us with thinner wallets have another option – that of buying airline miles. Normally, I tend to avoid things with an air of technicality about them, but the idea of gradually accumulating miles until I was able to embark on a trip for free taunted me, until finally wanderlust triumphed over apprehension, and I took advantage of all that buying frequent flyer miles has to offer. The benefits of frequent flyer miles program, however, do not stop at free travel. Not only can you redeem frequent flyer miles for other goods and services, but you can also get access to airport lounges. Feeling tired of the limited comfort the economy class has to offer? Redeem your miles to bump up to business class, and travel in ease. Trust me, when you’re going to spend hours and hours of your time cooped up in an airplane seat, you’re going to want all the comfort you can possibly get your hands on.

Naturally, as soon as I had bought enough frequent flyer miles, I set about preparing for another one of my endeavors. Frequent Flyer miles programs vary from airline to airline, so it’s always good to make an in-depth comparative study of different programs to ensure that you extract maximum value. Buying Frequent Flyer miles is the reason a person with a modest income such as myself was able to make the rather expensive trip to Spain. As a country of breath-taking beaches, rich culture and impressive art, Spain was always a country I wanted to visit.

The best part is, there are ways in which you can add miles to your account without boarding a plane – some credit cards offer miles for signing up for a card; some airlines and hotels may give you miles in exchange for a single ‘like’ on their Facebook page. Have a little free time on your hands? Websites like give you miles in exchange for answering questionnaires. Like I said, compare different frequent flyer miles programs. I assure you, it’ll be rewarding.

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