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Rhetorically speaking do they need a spanking? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 24, 2014

A new voice in politics rises like a fee NEXT! from the ashes. People are standing up. The kerb sweeper has arrived.


Never been one much to delve into politics. Except to use as joke ammo to hang crap on those leaders of countries who overwhelmingly wear the raincoat of political water shed down...and when the incumbents' reign stops, unfortunately, the diluted crap comes to the surface, dries out, the ensuing election winds howl and purport to 'cleanse' left over, right over "it's all over" prior motions in lieu of an alternative government. But the ousted always leaves behind a monetary stain, ragged "meant well " but more often than not, ill thought out policies, which can only be given a transparent 'whitewash' of fifty shades of grey area no body, or Government agist can erase or eradicate completely. The left over stain no matter how hard they scrub, no matter how slick/thick the rhetoric whitewash is painted on. It's flaky. Always will be.

People in dazed elections gone by may have metaphorically opened the windows of their houses and shouted "we're not going to take it anymore" shaking their voting fists of fury. A disturbing majority don't have the luxury of a dwelling to shout out of in these times.

People of political bent and knowledge come out with brilliant commonsense analytical essays of thinking with much fervor.

Problem is, nothing gained despite all that is ventured in rhetoric to change our lives for the better. Simply because vested interests as stated rule the roost and scratch aside the irritants of "let's think about this a bit more as to how it will benefit the majority." Usually waxed into a minority with big wicks all fired up to lay a solid base of gain for themselves.

Yep...i've come up with the same old same old bull dust since Adam was told not to go down on Eve's orchard for a bite.

Us Adam voters go down on 'Eve- before- the- election' and somehow with the best of intentions manage to bite the wrong apple come election day simply because we've put in the best of a rotten lot. Simply no choice of decent candidates.

In Australia a few 'good men' independents stepped up to stop the gravy train all new you beaut ride, before it shunted every sane objection out of its way, on its way to the same old trough.

One outstanding independent- concerned about the effect the mass mess slots phenomenon was having, plus creating misery here for untold thousands,ie: losing their houses, life savings, fragmenting families etc- was basically howled down and told to shut up. At least he tried and people respected him for it and he still keeps trying. How many of your pollies can be accused of this untoward sort of dedication...a handful? If you do have a lot then the political scribes of the people would be dumbed to silence by the overwhelming roar of people approval i guess.

Australia's great white dope, evidence of D apparent before he even became Prime Minister...became just dat. A D head. Now everyone is saying "wait til the next election we'll..." Sound like a familiar flavor? same lickety split melt running down your hand in the U.S.? Correct me if i'm wrong. Hard to blame the voters when they are taken out of desperate cling that what they are about to receive after voting which was promised turns from reasonable to slippery shit when the sums don't add up and reverse gear in the new ensconced government strips trying to fix a fault that wasn't present during the flag waving ceremony.

A politician for all seasons and respecting everyone's reasons for a glimmer of hope just doesn't exist. People don't march in the street anymore. They're in it. We'll swap you leaders. Has your country gone like ours from the free and the brave to "the fee and be brave...?"

You bet. Although a lot of the posts about overseas travel promotion etc seem to be well supported by ardent globe trotters. I'm guessing the only globe trotting the majority are doing is trotting up n' down removing them in an effort to diminish "power to the feeble"...sorry, power to the people watt have a house.

If a savior type President or Prime Minister were to arrive in power head and shoulders above any previous and totally for the good of the majority i believe he or she would be a hated symbol within their own ranks because monetary fur would be ruffled. In the heady, or head case we've got batting for us i believe he'll drive us batty first before anything major eventuates to lift our spirits. Most lifting spirits in loo of waiting. I don't want to paint too gloomy a picture and that's the reason i treat the world and life as a joke. You can gauge how well our pollies are travelling by the amount of dis rust or, distrust on the political wheels of grinding slow motion.

You will also be able to judge the political landscape by the amount of people watching the Simpsons at the next elections. That or Anarchy reruns. We'll swap politicians. Heads you lose tails we lose. The edge of the political coin just grins round. What else is there? In confusion i have presented nothing of substance...rather like the modus operandi of politics to coin a phase.

They say we get the pollies we deserve...are things that bad!

Not all pollies are rotten to the core. But most give you the pip. Or the S factor. New show coming up. "So you thing you can govern?" Pollies and their relatives banned.

Oh! they've found a cure for cures. But we must use the old medication up first so don't you people go dying on me now as the government has it in hand. Always far wack as i can remember but then i've got a lousy memory like a lot of people who suffer political amnesia at the polling booths. But then i'm just a dumb ass, someone has to lead the people to the Polished lamb A 88! Have a great daze. The pollies do.

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By riginal on March 30, 2015 at 07:03 am

ter be or not ter be...annoying? :>)

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