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The Work Examiner Software

by chrisezine (writer), La Quinta, CA 92248, May 24, 2014

During the most stressful times at work it is very common for workers to wander off online and find a temporary distraction to heave the stress off.

During the most stressful times at work it is very common for workers to wander off online and find a temporary distraction to heave the stress off. This can be accepted as long as it doesn’t repeat too often or take place for too long. The question is how can this be balanced? The Work Examiner Software is the answer that you are looking for.

What the Work Examiner Software Achieves

• Tracks effective working time of employees

Your employees may come to work and leave work at the precise time, which is good. But this is one thing compared to the rate of productivity that each employee contributes to the company. The software allows you to look into the many activities from these following features. It tracks the sites that are visited the most recent, the most often and at what particular times. A final report is then filed to you. If you feel it necessary you have access to blocking or filtering certain pages, application, sites and anything you like from reaching the access of your employees. This effectively keeps them in place and working on their tasks.

• Usage of Website and the internet

What the web is used for it tracked precisely by the software. But what completes this feature is the duration. An employee may visit certain website over and over again but amounting in no more than half an hour per day. By understanding the duration of visits on every page, you can filter what sites are truly harmful towards optimal productivity and what pages have the least of harm. The Work Examiner software helps you trace this real time.

• Monitor online

As the system runs every minute of every day, information and data can pass by every second. To keep the validity of the information you receive, you have the tool to screen shot and capture data that you feel may be of importance to your company. As well as capturing, it also enables recording.

Options of Packages

They offer two different packages for you to choose from: the standard package and the professional package for larger coverage. If you are densely staffed and operate over hundreds of computers every day, the professional package will allow you an optimal monitoring of all the features above without limitations.

How it Helped Others

A number of companies had no idea that a hefty amount of time was wasted when their employees could be completing very important work. There is no doubt that the internet is crucial to accessing information, being in connection with customers and leads but at the same time, it can also lead to uncontrolled distraction. Plus, they get paid for it. The last thing you want is to find out that half the time they are sitting at their desks they are in fact chatting with friends or playing online games. Companies have upped their productivity through the implementation of this system. This story could be yours too.

With the software at hand, you now have the option to control what your employees are allowed to access and how much more they can work to meet company goals. Companies that are expecting development in the short run will absolutely benefit from the program.

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