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What price are we willing to pay? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 12, 2014

Money in today's world can purchase just about anything...even debt if you vote in the right people and you bid high enough !


AMAZING! The amount of money paid out for objets d' art, and stuff so rare like a single astronaut glove $200-$300,000.

Beatles tape played on a moon trip.

The capsule.

Guitars strummed moon bound.

Declaration of dependence...on more money to stop America itself from flying to the moon of insolvency and i'm sure one day- back in black again. Sorry, 'Declaration of Independence' to the moon and back. Yep, if you've got the moolah to buy stuff from the moon a, good luck to you.

One thing i've always noticed though of the appraised valuables; in some cases extremely rare finds taken in to be evaluated by older folk on valuation shows for example in England. The amazing grace with which they take the valuer's comments, like, "this at auction would fetch $50,000..." Slight gasp, with the inevitable 99.9% response accompanied by a wry grin and fond pat of the object, "it was my mother's i'll never part with it of course,it will be left to the grandchildren". To be flogged off? Naah, i'm being paranoid. Those mature people are to be admired. Yep, suppose you could say "but they're old what would they need the money for?" But if the apparel most wear is any sort of indication, they don't look that well off? Prefer to think they have principle and a memory of something wonderfully intrinsic that money just can't buy. Me! I'd be jumping round like a demented Catherine wheel on heat, "okay i'll take $40,000! Do i hear $30,000? You heard what the valuer said! I'll swap it for a slab of beer!" Probably trip over and bust it. The case of beer, AND the valuable vase whatever. Maybe not. I have an old hacksaw and some tools of my dad's given to me after he died. They're old and rusted,useless, but every time i pick them up i tear up a you when you caress sentimentality? Can't put a price on memories...or can you? Remember mum throwing a hissy, chucking a rubber mallet at dad because i wouldn't wear my stupid glasses because i reasoned that i looked stupid in them and the classmates called me "four eyes". They don't now, most of them are dead which tends to mute the asides. They were only to see out of anyway and i was okay at banging into things on my buckled got used to it. Dad told me to fetch the mallet, "your mother" pause, (waved the retrieved mallet at me) "threw this at me. Wear your GLASSES!" Didn't but. Progressed from contact lenses to $5000 eye surgery. Oh i still bang into things but i'm selective. I have the mallet. And the memory. I know this sounds utterly ridiculous but imagine a President or Prime Minister or even a despot from some deposed spot combining to attend a valuer's meeting in Brussel Sprouts, or if you like, Brussels. Some people don't like them. OR the Brussel Sprouts.

The trio have their country's debt I.O.U's in their respective suitcases for evaluation. The valuer is astounded at the inordinate debt to pay- back ratio in each case. The Prime Minister of Australia steps forward." what do you think it's worth cobber?" "My God! at auction...all three cases if purchased with more borrowed trillions would be worth worthless billions of trillions wasted! Would you three part with this enormous magnitudal debt if i offered you a fair monetary price to put yews back in the black?"

The three leaders chorus in union," good God no man! this debt has been handed down by generational to generational debt accumulators...NO! no! no! thanks for the offer but we'll leave it to our grand country kids. It's a sentimental just can't put a price on mismanagement! If the grand kids get in a jam, want to sell it after we pass the debt on then that's their choice. Thanks, but some debts just simply can't be bought with any amount of money,or love of. You can't possibly put a price on mismanagement! It's just incremental. When we pass on we'll ask the Parson to pass on our 'money bash' wishes."

Or can you? Actually i have a skinned knee from tripping over my debts as the majority of you hard working people have. Look! Get the missus dolled up, take her to dinner. Let the kids sort it! They will inherit it one day anyway...or will they? "Just take one daze at a time" a dear friend said to me recently. I mean what value or price tag would you people put on say: a moonshot of three suitcases containing fresh/stale country grown I.O.U.'s? Surely an alien concept but if the alien has the moolah...? Tempting? Please don't buy now...wait a while.

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