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NBA Free Agency Free-for-All

by dsnyder (writer), Ft.Lauderdale, July 06, 2007


Teams must have been hung over after swimming in the most talented draft pool in recent memory on June 28th. Seattle scored Jeff Green and Kevin Durant, giving them two possible future franchise players. June 29th, however, left no time for headaches and nausea as it signaled the beginning of the free agent wooing period. Some of the biggest fish have already been snagged. Who is left? Who is still looking?

Vince Carter has resigned with New Jersey for four years. He is a 25ppg, 5rpg, and 5 apg kind of player that most teams would love to have as their number two threat. He decided to stay in New Jersey, most likely due to Jason Kidd remaining in town. He has also proven that he is not the type of player that you want to use as a center piece to build a team around, so the situation in New Jersey, where Kidd is the man, is perfect for him.

Jason Kapono has reportedly agreed to a four-year deal worth 24 million dollars with the Toronto Raptors. For anyone who says that is too much for a white guy with a sick three point shot, I think Bryan Colangelo knows what he’s doing. Kapono used the time that Dwayne Wade was out this year to shine, and lead the NBA in three point shooting percentage. The Raptors young talented roster should be a perfect fit for the type of distance shooting he showed off last season.

Rashard Lewis is reportedly on his way to Orlando for a fat maxed out, $75-million, contract. Playing alongside Dwight Howard, they form one of the best front court tandems in the league. Orlando now needs to set its sights on a strong outside shooter to help spread the offense even more. Taking away other teams’ ability to double down on Howard will most likely make him a top five scorer and rebounder in the league next year. How happy is Stan Van Gundy right now? He should probably write a thank you card to Billy Donovan.

Chauncey Billups is probably headed back to Detroit. Word leaked that the Pistons had agreed to a five-year contract. According to the Associated Press, its source, who requested anonymity because of league rules preventing contract announcements before July 11, said the deal is worth $46 million guaranteed over four years and the fifth year is a team option. Billups agent freaked and called the rumors ‘vicious.’ Perhaps they were hoping for a bigger pay day, but he is 30 and outside of his time in Detroit has had a mediocre career. I would be surprise if he landed Lewis’ sized dollars.

Grant Hill plans to sign a $1.8 million contract to join the Phoenix Suns. The one-year deal, with an option of a second year for $1.9 million, is the league minimum for a veteran in the National Basketball Association and a stark contrast to the $93 million, seven-year deal Hill signed when the Detroit Pistons traded him to the Magic in 2000. He has obviously made his money and is looking for a ring. He can give Phoenix a great veteran presence that can add 15 ppg and 5 rpg to the stat sheet.

Ron Artest is being looked at by the Knicks. That would be a perfect fit for the New York fans that love the villainous type of players i.e. John Starks and Latrell Sprewell. A front court of Eddie Curry, Zach Randolph, and Ron Artest would at the least be one of the best shows in the city so nice they named it twice

The Miami Heat are reeling. They have seen the loss of Kapono, and James Posey leaving seems eminent. Pat Riley has not made a commitment to coach the team next year, and Alonzo Mourning, arguably the best backup center in the league, will not commit until he does. The team needs to put together a strong supporting cast to optimize Shaq’s remaining years, either that or they are going to kill Dwayne Wade’s other shoulder as a he drags the team through another miserable regular season.

Gerald Wallace would be a great fit for the Heat, but it remains to be seen whether they can fit a player of his caliber under their salary cap. Seven teams have reportedly contacted Wallace. He turns 25 at the end of this month and could be in for a breakout season next year. He is a 20 ppg, 10 rpg type player that has great defensive skills.

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