Friday, August 17, 2018

West Oakland--Art Murmur

Ok, so this weekend, Friday, the 6th to be exact, is another walk into the "Art Scene in Oakland". But what I want you to do is avoid the little map that Rock, Paper, Scissors puts out (and it is a wonderful tool--thank you!)

But it misses a key gallery emerging in the west--the Cordelia Bell Gallery, named for the woman who owned the house and sold it to the current group of artists that breathes new life into this old Victorian--Marcel, Githinji, Dwayne, and SHIT! I can't remember his name, and I pledged to buy one of his paintings. This Saturday he and his children were painting this beautiful magenta color onto some pieces of wood and we ate delicious plums, still warm from my little tree with lead singer of the Coup and his twins who live around there--

Issu is the name of the other artist (phonetically correct but I apologize because his Art will shine through my misspellings if I didn't get it right. Anyway, you gotta make it over there.
The Art, the Artists, the West!

Also, the women's art is all over the place--sweet elixirs for the body and spirit. I want to tempt you without telling you too much. You have to get off the plain path to see this joint but every moment you visit there will enrich your spirit.

And maybe you can duck around the corner to visit Esther's on 7th St and feel the good vibes from the beautiful lady bartender, Diva and maybe Esther might be there herself, to tell you about those times, in West Oakland, when BB King, Al Green, Bill Withers and Etta James came around.

You know? West Oakland is till around so come down here. Even if we are not on some map.


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