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Razz Launches First Annual Razz Mix Awards

by News mention (writer), , July 05, 2007

Participants with the most ‘plays’ have the opportunity to win $1,000.00

Razz, Inc today launched an innovative online sound mix contest, called the Razz Mix Awards. The contest gives entrants the opportunity to create their own specialty mixes, choosing from a variety of audio clips including music, movie lines, jokes, celebrity quips and more, all on the newly launched Razz Mixer. Participants display the mix on their social network’s profile pages or personal webpage in an effort to have others play their mix. Participants will also have the opportunity to convert their original mixes into ringtones.

The person with the most plays in each category: Funniest Mix, Most Romantic Mix, and Best Shout-Outs, has the opportunity to win $1,000.00. The awards are presented by three prominent social networking layout sites,;, and

Razz, Inc is the leading content service provider of next-generation audio entertainment for mobile content and social network users. It enables users to enrich their voice communications using premium or user-generated audio content. Via its proprietary technologies, Razz makes possible the interjection of favorite sound clips into live phone calls or onto personal web pages. Whether its conversations, voicemail messages, outgoing greetings or enhancing web pages, Razz’s products add a new level of personality and interactivity to social communications.

Since launching in 2002, Razz has spread through multiple mobile and social communities gaining an avid following of “Razzers.” Razz continues to grow to over 15 countries and recently launched in the U.S. market with it’s’ suite of applications to include Razz Network, Razz Reactions and Razz Mixer.

The Razz Mix Awards will be live June 25th –July 25th

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