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4 Top Emerging Features of a Mobile Device

by chrisezine (writer), La Quinta, CA 92248, May 03, 2014

These days, almost all adults in America have a mobile device.

These days, almost all adults in America have a mobile device. According to a resource on the internet, as of January 2014, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% of American adults have a smart phone, 32% of American adults have an e-reader, and 42% of American adults have a tablet computer. However, the numbers seemingly will keep increasing from time to time as more people realize that a mobile device helps making their life easier. Actually, this happens because a modern mobile device has many interesting features and amongst the many interesting features, the followings are 4 top emerging features.

1. WiFi

WiFi based mobile devices are now much preferred because the devices enable people to do various kinds of activities affordably. It has become a clear fact that most mobile devices use a carrier contract basis in which this usually charges people expensively and prevents people from changing their card easily. Once they have bought a mobile device with a certain carrier contract, they should use it until the contract ends. Because WiFi networks allow people to connect to internet without making a carrier contract, people will not need to worry about expensive charges. As when people want to play online mobile casino, they can play it with peace of mind.

2. Touch Screen

Touch screen makes mobile devices become much more interesting because touch screen will react when users type on it. This feature can save users’ energy as users can easily write a message, make a call, or click on a menu simply by touching the screen of their mobile device. When users want to play game that requires lots of navigations, they will not need lots of efforts as they do not need to navigate any button. However, even though touch screen is getting more popular lately, some people still prefer mobile devices that have real buttons. This usually happens to people who frequently type a message or create an email.

3. All in One Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have combined communications and entertainments in which the combination allows people to make unlimited communication with friends, families, relatives, customers, or business partners easily and to enjoy high quality entertainments anytime from anywhere. The technology used in a mobile device avoids people from buying two separate devices. Even, when people want to travel to a new city and needs some suggestions about routes, public facilities, local attractions or local lodging services, they can get all the needed information from their mobile devices. With mobile augmented reality feature, people now can do lots of things with their mobile device.

4. Open Sources

Open source technology has been chosen by most mobile device manufacturers. This happens because those manufacturers realized that open source technology becomes a door to more great applications and features. In this case, many manufacturers have worked with big companies like Google and Yahoo to provide free source mobile devices. Because free source technology enables a manufacturer to provide applications at low cost and enhance their features inexpensively, users can enjoy better features and applications inexpensively.

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By Feliksa88 on May 28, 2014 at 06:59 am

Ok thanks that was so informative pozycjonowanie

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