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A Tail Of Two Puppies

by Geddy (writer), Katy, Texas, July 05, 2007

Imagine living across the street from Puppy land. Everyday, thousands of cute and cuddly puppies would be seen roaming their land looking for things to play with, human companionship, and love among their own. From across this street you observe how desirable these puppies are. Some days puppies even cross that street, play in your front yard and make you their friend. Life is good as you realize that they ask for little in return for the constant joy they bring to your life.

Before long it becomes apparent that these puppies have the ability and desire to do things that people in your own land do not wish to do. They work very hard at building a life for themselves on your side of the street. They protect your property by barking at bad guys who try to break into your home. The puppies seem to sense when you don’t feel well and come lay their head in your lap, uplifting your spirits. They play fetch with you when no one else is around to play with. It isn’t long until everyone on your side of the street welcomes them into people land. Puppies are great to have around!

All of the puppies begin to see that life on the other side of the street is good too and want to give it a try. They see that food is plentiful there and opportunities to play are endless. There is just one problem though; some of the puppies turn out to be mean and vicious. It is difficult to tell these apart from the ones that want to be nice to you since they all sort of look the same. There is no way to distinguish between them based on fur color, breed, or size of the puppy. After a time, more and more of the mean ones start crossing the street; not as many as the good ones, but far more than can be tolerated because of their fervent desire to cause harm, so the people become worried.

The people in people land pass a law to control which puppies are allowed to enter and they set up crossing points for the dogs. Puppies are checked for rabies, heartworms, and anything else that may be a threat to humans before they are allowed to cross. Most of the puppies comply with this; they just want to play. But some devise ways to get around the checkpoints because either they have rabies, or they just don’t respect the laws of people land. Smaller ones dig tunnels under the street; the faster ones run around the crossing guards. Many are seen jumping over the fence that was erected to keep them honest. The nice puppies see all of this and complain that those are puppies too and must be given equal right to cross the street.

There is another problem though; one of the mean puppies has badly bitten a small child sending her to the hospital. The people are outraged; the puppies indignant that the people think all puppies are that way. Frustrated, the people pass a law saying that puppies can not be played with unless they arrive through the checkpoint legally and given permission to be here. This angers the nice puppies and they protest that all puppies should be treated the same.

What the puppies fail to see is that it isn’t about equality, it is about safety. No person wants to be bitten, and no puppy wants to be picked up by the dog catcher simply for being a dog. It really works both ways. If the puppies respect the laws of people land they will be welcomed with open arms. If they choose to circumvent the laws, jump the fence, and try to play with people anyway, they are making criminals out of the people and themselves. This act alone makes those puppy’s intentions suspect, and rightfully so. For if they do not respect the people’s law getting here, what makes one think they will respect any other law the people may have. The ILLEGAL PUPPIES, and I stress the word ILLEGAL, must be kept away at any cost. If the puppies’ intentions are honorable they won’t mind checking in first for all that the people have to offer. We certainly don’t want one to come here and attack another small child…or kill a policeman...

"In memory of Rodney Johnson, Killed in the line of duty"

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By Geddy on July 22, 2007 at 01:42 pm
To clarify things, Officer Rodney Johnson of the Houston Police Dept. was killed by an illegal alien who had earlier raped a young girl.
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