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What You Can Do With a Degree in Economics

by jacked (writer), , April 28, 2014

The article is describing the importance of Economics degree. Any one can choose the paths like Chartered Accountant, insurance agent etc through these degree.

Studying at an institution is an intense period in many people’s lives and while you are completing assignment after assignment and revising for numerous exams it can be hard to free your mind up to think about what you’d really like to do in the future. Economics is a degree that is valued in many sectors as your experience analysing complex statistical data means that you qualify for high earning roles. Sometimes the very problem is that the degree is so broad and transferable. To help you make those important decisions and make things clearer, here are four key fields that you could get into with an economics degree.

Chartered Accountancy

If you’re interested in finance and have a knack for keeping accurate, organised records then training as a chartered accountant could be for you. You’d have to take up a specific professional qualification with organisations like the ACCA or CIMA while working with a company and managing their accounts. An accountant’s main job is to maximise profitability for their client or employer either in the private or public sector.

Get Into Insurance

Insurance is a huge field with plenty of opportunities as well as competition but a good economics degree with a reputable university can cut you above the rest. If you think insurance is all about selling then think again, underwriting for a global company like Catlin UK is an exciting role where you would be responsible for making crucial decisions about taking on clients for large firms. Be sure to get work experience first, even if it is an administrative role as you can work your way up through internal promotions gradually.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a popular choice for many students leaving university as it offers a fast-paced environment with large salaries in attractive city-centre locations. As an investment banker you would be involved in assessing the financial markets for the best investment areas that banks can cash-in on. Although there are numerous graduate programmes into banking, the competition is fierce. Postgraduate study can offer you can advantage but nothing is better than experience so try to get your foot in the door wherever you can.

Civil Service

Economics spans a broad range of topics and these include many political issues. You could go into government serving bodies where your knowledge of economic theory can be applied to better understand crime, education, government spending and social issues. The government currently runs a GES Fast Stream Service so working for public services and charities is also a viable option.

In a nutshell, if you have an economics degree, it’s worth aiming high as you might not know what your degree is worth but many large corporations value the broad analytical training that your degree has given and can see that you have the skills and knowledge for managerial roles in the future.

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