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Victoria Sanabria Performed at Isla Del Encanto Festival

Credit: Ricky Ricardo
Victoria Sanabria performed at the Isla Del Encanto Festival at Treder Park in the City of Bell

Isla Del Encanto Festival was held on Sunday, April 27, 2014 at Treder Park in the City of Bell.

Victoria Sanabria Performs at the Isla Del Encanto Festival

Bell- The 2nd Annual Isla Del Encanto Festival returned to Treder Park, in the City of Bell on Sunday, April 27, 2014. Festival goers were literally able to visit the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico, if only in their minds.

This family friendly event was produced by California Puerto Rican Parade and Festival. The California Puerto Rican Parade and Festival is a non-profit organization. The organization was founded in 1997 to preserve the history and culture of Puerto Rico in California and to keep our heritage alive for our children.

This marvelous annual celebration of Puerto Rican culture featured salsa dance showcase by Versatile Dance Team, food booths and a plethora of Puerto Rican memorabilia, and live entertainment by Invasion Latina, Martin Padilla, Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad, Ricky Luis and headliner Victoria Sanabria.

Festival goers came to the park with heavy hearts with the news of the passing of percussionist Armando Peraza and Cheo Feliciano and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Their life and legacy will continued to be celebrated and inspiring by all who were touched by the musical artistry of Armando Peraza and Cheo Feliciano as well as the prolific writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Cheo Feliciano’s music was in constant rotation by DJ Pedro and in each subsequent performance sets.

The weather forecast stated that it would be partly sunny, with a tropical breeze. It didn’t take long for the Fahrenheit to rise in Treder Park, onstage and on the dance floor. DJ Pedro had the setting simmering with an eclectic soundtrack of tunes for revelers arriving to the venue. Great tunes to get bodies moving to shake off the morning chill. The park filled up as the day progress with revelers expressing overwhelming enthusiasm for the professional musical performances on stage.

Martin Padilla added more fuel to the proverbial fire to keep salseros on the dance floor throughout their set on the tunes “Noche de Mar,” “La Rosa Y La Vida,” “La Rumba so Yo,” and “Lamento Borincano.”

The atmosphere continued to heat up tremendously with the hot set performed superbly by Invasion Latina on the tunes “Cali Pachanquero,” “Pa Mix Raza,” “Ran Kan Kan,” and “Traigo Fuego.

The burners are cooking on full steam as multi-instrumentalist Johnny Polanco Y Su Amistad take to the stage for a thrilling musical experience.

Singer, songwriter Ricky Luis made a return engagement to share some new unreleased material to the delight of festival goers. Ricky Luis sound is describe as a modern fusion of Tropical rhythms and urban sounds mixed in with bilingual lyrics interpreted by smooth yet powerful vocals. Mr. Luis set consisted of “La Clave,” “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars with a Latin twist, and “Loco Por Tu Amor.”

The atmosphere was blazin’ when Singer/songwriter Victoria Sanabria arrived on stage. Ms. Sanabria comes from a rich musical family. Ms. Sanabria closed out the festival with a stunning performance from her three decade music career with a dazzling set of boleros, bomba, plena and salsa on the tunes “Canticos de Serrania,” “Coqui Serenito,” “Soy Boricua,” and “Mi Viejo” just to name a few from her extended set.

The Sanabria musical legacy will continue far into the future as Ms. Sanabria introduced her 5 year old son to the Latin music community who welcomed him with open arms and hearts.


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