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An Essential Guide to Cheap Car Insurance

by mgibson (writer), , April 25, 2014

Find the essential guide to hunt for the best deal possible from establish insurance companies

Living is Expensive; owning a home and car, putting food on the table and keeping on top of the monthly bills is by no means an easy task, even for those with a steady income. So any methods of saving a few pennies here and there should rightly be met with open arms. Take car insurance for example; it's one of the chief costs of owning a vehicle, yet so many don't take the time to hunt for the best deal possible. But you know better; at least you will after reading this essential guide.

Search and Compare

Have you been with the same insurance company for awhile? If so, is it through habit or because they offer the best deals? Car insurance has become an increasing competitive field since the recession, with new cut-price companies springing up daily in an attempt to corner the low-cost market. So regardless of who you've insured with in the past, the best deal may very well be with someone else. Where to start? Price comparison sites are a great place to start, though more often than not, you'll find the best deals come from established insurance companies such as One Sure.

Get Off Monthly

Monthly payments can seem like a good solution when money is tight, but actually they're a false economy. The vast majority of monthly payment schemes are significantly more expensive than their annual counterparts. Sure, you don't have to pay a lump sum up front. But the amount of money wasted on a monthly policy over the course of the year really adds up. So say goodbye to monthly payments and hello to big, big savings.

Raise The Bar on Security

Most modern cars will already have basic security devices fitted in the factory. But taking additional security measures will drop the cost of your insurance premium considerably. Talk with your insurance company and find out what sort of reduction they'll give you on your current policy if you were to have an immobiliser or additional security device fitted.

Keep On Top Of Expenses

Running a car is expensive, but nonetheless essential for many people. Cutting down on the main running costs though – such as insurance – will help you to lighten the financial load, and keep on top of the ongoing expenses of life.

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