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Invaluable Tips For Selling Your Home

by Frank (writer), , May 03, 2014

Preparing your home for viewing is perhaps the most vital aspect to securing a sale

Selling your home can be a lengthy and arduous process, particularly if you don't do everything within your means to make the property as attractive to buyers as possible. Preparing your home for viewing is perhaps the most vital aspect to securing a sale. So make sure you do all the right things.

Remove the Clutter, Not the Character

As soon as people consider putting their home on the market, the first thing they think of in terms of housekeeping and preparation is 'De-Cluttering'. Of course, this makes perfect sense; you're never going to sell your home if its looks dirty or untidy. However, a large portion of people go a bit overboard, de-cluttering to the point that they effectively clean away the character of the home as well as the mess. Prospective buyers obviously want to see a clean space. However, they don't want to walk into a sterile house that has the appearance and mood of a hotel room. They want to imagine themselves living here, and that will never be easy if you remove any trace of character. Naturally there are things that will have to get rid of. Bulky furniture for example really makes the room feel small. So you might want to replace them quickly with some smaller pieces from David Phillips.

Fix, Tidy and Refresh

Another big mistake people make is investing far too much in the repairs and renovation of their home just before the sale. Naturally, prospective owners will hope to walk into a space that looks very well looked after. But they won't expect it to look brand new, because it isn't. So things like installing a new kitchen or bathroom are just not worth it. Particularly if you are working with a relatively tight budget, your time and money will be much better spent cleaning the house from top to bottom, and replacing a few fittings in order to give it a fresh look.

The Right Smells

The smell of a house makes a massive impact on buyers. So if you smoke, be sure to stop smoking in the house, and air it out for a number of days before letting buyers in. Conversely, good smells are great. A classic old trick is baking bread on the morning of a viewing.

Far Better Prepared

Selling your home is stressful. But with these tops tips, you'll be far better prepared, and far more likely to make the sale in good time.

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