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Do females love to go out for a bite? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 28, 2014

She was full- on desire. She didn't beat around the bush. She drove him batty. His prayers answered in the tall grass behind the school.


Could almost call it a sin what happened to Mr Mantikos of Greek translation or at least pertaining to thee.

He was short. Proportional. Some said a prophet. He had the benefit of rotund sight. Very handsome. Erect.

Slightly deaf in the middle ear of which he had only one.

He was unfortunately in love with unrequited love. He prayed every day for someone like her to notice him. Though he wasn't particularly religious nor pushed by his parents to do so. Seemed a natural stance to adopt.

She looked at him through the window nodded her beautiful head. He froze. She approached confidently.

His prayers he reasoned if reason was to be involved, had enticed her though she was a calculating little female.

He stepped outside his house. She was reluctant to come in. Swiveled her head in a "come and get it" gesture,which made her even more desirable. Turned her body side-on for his pleasure. He wanted desperately in that instant to pleasure her.

Desire coursed through his body. He mounted her urgently, she was more than he imagined love could be and he took all of her in a throbbing scrabbling rush. She suddenly turned on him and started to chew on his neck with such desperate urgency he let out an inaudible cry. The last thing he said before he was decapitated was "you don't have to bite my head off "

But even in the throes of death love was predominate. Overwhelming.

She moved forward. Dropped the lifeless remains...uncaring. Sated. She walked forward climbed a grassy knoll, rested.

Wiped the male off her face. He was the past. Near on nightfall when she moved forward, heard the shriek a split second before. Like a bat out of hell the bat struck and crushed her to death seemingly in revenge for her callous act?

No love transpired, it swallowed her body. Just food. No intended malice?

Was her last thought, "maybe I should not have beheaded that sex-crazed preying Mantikos?"

The child cried. "Madam my pet Mantikos has gone, I bought it for show and tell!" She started to cry.

"Don't worry child, it will be around somewhere,maybe it went out for a bite with a lady friend...they go a bit batty without company."

The bat burped. Shook violently.They go a bit batty after dining late. It's stomach was glad of the company.

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