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A Young Child’s Life Saved By Sterngold Dental LLC

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , April 20, 2014

Sterngold Dental LLC’s cutting edge technology and curative dentistry helped restore Sisay’s facial deformities.

Sterngold Dental LLC’s cutting edge technology and curative dentistry helped to restore Sisay, a young child from Africa. Sisay was mauled by a wild hyena when he was merely six years old. He was clinging for his life when his trip to USA turned a new leaf in his life – his deformed face was restored by experts at Sterngold’s curative dentistry. With their world class technology the Sterngold professionals worked on Sisay’s dental abutments and gave him a prosthesis which seems to gave the child a new lease of life.

On a very unfortunate day,Sisaywasmauled byawildhyenawhile he was playinginhisbackyard.Theattackleft Sisaycompletelydeformed andclingingfor life.The hyena hadviciouslyattacked theyoungboy’sface, which forced him to losehisnose,upperjaw andpartofhisupperlip.He lost all hope of living a normal life. But then a miracle happened. Sterngold’s curative dentistry and professionals restored his deformed face. Over the last four years, he hasenduredover16facialsurgeries.

SterngoldDental'sSFIAbutmentswereused tohelprestore Sisay'sface.SFI wasinstalled, but not traditionallyused in the mouth. It was used ratheraspartof asuperstructure casttosupporthisprosthetic nose.SFIBars wereusedasthetripodstructure,thenmagnetswere installedtoconnectSisay’sprostheticnose.

Sterngoldhas also initiatedacampaigntoraisefundstosendSisay andhisfamily toDisney WorldinFlorida. It is one of Sisay’s ultimatedreams is to visitthere. Sisay has been very resilient in his life and struggles and Sterngold is helping Sisay fulfill his dream. Sterngoldin collaborationwiththePi Center inPA,whoisproviding therestorativecarefor Sisay,will jointlybeworkingonthiscampaigntoraise$8000. Further, anydonationsbeyondthe Disney TripgoalwillbeaddedtoSisay'sfuturemedicalexpenses.

About Sterngold Dental LLC

Sterngold Dental, LLC is the union of two strong companies with impressive dental histories: APM-Sterngold and ImplaMed. Sterngold was founded in 1897 as a fabricator of precious alloys, and is credited as among the first to produce consistently formulated and alloyed dental casting golds. Today, Sterngold Dental, LLC continues to build upon a rewarding century-old relationship with restorative dentistry, and is a world renowned leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems.

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