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When the arrow comes up blank. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 15, 2014

The only way to regain a blank would-be blog in the making is to scare your laptop by threatening it with writer type, or an old fashioned non-stick typewriter that won't leave you blank.


Look! I just wrote up a bit of nonsense and somehow the little thingy ma jig arrow got hooked on a tab or such and everything disappeared.

Doesn't it give you the absolute governments? I've got a memory like a fly just swatted. Pogo limping on one good leg but hops straight under the swatter again...still surviving. Follows the swat team wielder to the cupboard whereupon someone you thought was a friend and appreciates you blowing their meal and possibly 'mistakenly' wacked you in deference to one of the kids or an annoying husband. Whirls around with a can of 99.9% effective spray and doesn't quite kill you but leaves you with a one percent chance of survival. And a fly headache to end all headaches plus more squashed legs than you can poke a fly at.

A friend was writing a horror story, created her own. Lost 90 pages in one foul swoop.

At least with the old more laborious typewriter you could retrieve the old written garbage from the garbage and possibly rescue a word or two too. At least give you the gist of what you were trying to construct.

Blank is blank I guess. Isn't there a song, (possibly written by pencil on a cafe menu?) that goes something like,"Blank is black...I want my blog (baby) back...?"

Or as I've spoken about before, somehow a woman doing dirty dancing pops up with a request to "pop over sometime within the next five minutes I'm 2 miles away and unclothing"...sorry..."closing..." Honestly some of these I've heard.

You don't have to put up with that on a typewriter. Ernst H didn't have to put up with that sort of stuff, if he did he would have written "The Old Bag and the me." or the "Buns of Never Groan" ("I'm five piles away Ernst!"). Whoops...that might have been "The Guns of Navarone." Alistair Maclean? You see you can pop off to somewhere to check out a fact and you come back with the fact but no place to insert it because you are faced with a blank or that confounded woman closing in offering to help with your punctuation. Offering to give you the right spell in inverted comments. No WAY! She can knock all she wants. I'm not leaving the old superseded laptop. It's frustrating enough with blackouts severing your communication without wanton women pressing your dinger, or banging the crap out of your antique doorknob circa a relic from Captain Cook's least a copy from the maid in China plastic.

What if God was relaying the Ten Commandments and instead of a stone and a texta Moses was on a laptop?

"Thou shalt not..." "Umm!...wait! wait! Lord! It's gone blank...okay, I booted it up with my boot, "Thou shalt not what?"

Actually the texta I'm not sure of but I don't want to leave the write which is not right because the Bible is always there and it was written by firm hands. Many try to blank it out but it's indelible even if you've got a lousy memory. At least a decent write. Cheers.

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