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New Technology for Your Home

by TedLevin (writer), , April 14, 2014

In 2014, homes are becoming smarter than ever. Check out these new technologies that you could add to your home in the upcoming year.

Give your home a futuristic update with these new technologies

Technology is a very apparent part of our lives and society today. People rarely leave home without their smart phone, not to mention all the technologies they use in the car and at their destination, work or play. Technology helps us be more efficient and makes our lives easier.

There is research in progress to develop “smart homes” with interactive walls, floors and ceilings, but most of us can’t exactly afford those extreme measures. However, you can afford some technologies in your home that will simplify and streamline your life. Here are some of the most popular home technologies that everyone is looking to get their hands on.

Updated home security systems

Home security has become much more accessible and practical with new advancements in technology. Many new systems, like, allow you to control your home security alarm system from your mobile phone. Some installations can even allow you to turn lights on or off in your home and open and close the garage door. Video cameras can also be monitored from some smart phone, allowing you to watch pets, children or whatever from miles away. These elements can save you energy costs, stress and headaches while keeping your home safe.

Digital measuring spoons

Struggling with a bunch of different spoons and other measuring tools can be a thing of the past. New digital measuring spoons calculate the weight and volume of whatever you put into them. This eliminated a little of the stress of cooking and baking while saving you a little space in your drawers. Don’t worry, you can choose your unit of measurement to avoid doing your own math conversions.

USB port wall sockets

A simple adjustment, but it makes a big difference when people are using many different or non-compatible technologies in your home. New wall sockets can be installed that not only house the traditional outlets, but also USB ports. Fuss no more with adapters and excess cords and allow everyone to charge whatever device they are using with ease.

Floor plan light switch

How many times have you gone upstairs to go to bed at night only to remember that you left the lights on in the kitchen downstairs? Some of us have encountered this dilemma too many times to count. Let yourself relax completely as you head upstairs or downstairs with floor plan light switches. These switches allow you to adjust any light in your home wherever you install them. Have one on each floor for easy adjustment and less back and forth.

Transparent TV

This element is sure to impress your guests. Transparent TVs look like a simple pane of glass when they are turned off, but function as a regular TV when turned on. This TV combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technologies, so picture quality remains with this edgy design. Create a sleek, modern and free-flowing look in any room with this impressive new gadget.

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