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The Annual Heroes 'get together.' RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 14, 2014

Some of the BIG names were present but Batman and Robin smelt something read on.


The story so far. Unbeknown to most of us ordinary folk our comic book heroes go through a type of mid-fixing strife life; (MFSL) syndrome, not as bad, but similar to PMS. Pretty Muddled Superman. "Am I destined to spend my life typecast as a comic book hero fighting fictional enemies like dis Lex e are a crook.Commonly known as dyslexia when joined in mortal combat." That's Lex's version whom I believe is a Lutherian part-time?

You see at their annual CBGT, comic book get together Batman and Robin were having a quiet flyby drink with the man of steel,and a meal, when Robin accused Batman of stealing his battered "all you can eat" fish dish after Robin went to the loo to re mascara his mask. Batman swore he didn't touch his friend's battered fish dish and accused the young freshly masked offsider of being a bit churlish. One thing led to another resulting in Batman pushing Robin in the chest with his bat hand. Robin threw a hissy, lifted his T shirt, to show Superman that he had just become a Robin Redbreast. Was starting to give his bigger pal the bird.

Superman,embarrassed, told the arguing pair that he had to fly because he had a date with a telephone box because C Kent his split personality was in changing his glasses and couldn't catch Lois on time, who for some reason over a long period of relationship reasoned that the caped crusader had nothing better to do than catch her fly round catching her flying posterior before she was grounded for not handing in her copy at the Daily Planet deadline.

Incidently, none of the comics at the get together signed for O'Bama care which made it all the more important for S man to get the L out of the party to enable him to catch L otherwise there would be 'ell to pay. No Lois catch meant no copyright. But things got worse. For the second time the Phantom had one witch doctor (don't really know witch one) drink too many and ended up out of his Skull! Superman was getting a migraine. He had a red breast under one arm in a headlock, trying to separate him from Batman who was stuffing remnants of Robin's battered fish in his mouth just to antagonize Robin.

The Phantom started sculling his WD drinks. Wonder Woman was letting her hair down. Spiderman was checking out her star web page too closely, it was getting hairy. Then the Phantom staggers over to Superman with a green kryptonite tea giggling and telling S that the drink would make him go weak at the knees as it contained 30% more anti-oxidants than ordinary kryptonite tea hee. He collapsed, bringing Batman and Robin down with him. G.I. Joe was called in. He closed the venue and told everyone to go back to comic behavior. The Phantom yelled out "what do you think we're doing buddy!" Look, we all fall down sometimes at least our comic book heroes wake up every day with a job to go to. And you'll be pleased to know that Superman caught up with Lois down the Lane. All's well that ends...we' least it ended. Batman and Robin were told to go to their rooms in the Bat cave by Bruce. Told in no uncertain terms that comical behavior would not be tolerated. Bruce then went into the kitchen and hung himself...upside down, apparently it relieves any back issues...although most avid comic readers no doubt have no need of back issues. Except for the above 'get together' but I'd rather miss that page...give it the flick so to speak?

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