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Effective Social Media Marketing in Three Ways

by Juned Ahmed (writer), Gandhinagar, India, April 12, 2014

It’s the digital age! An age where more and more consumers are becoming aware of the brand statistics, are keen on knowing the brand’s persona, and are attentive towards the brand image.

In such an age and time, social media marketing plays an important and strategic role towards increasing the audience behavior towards brands thus increasing their sales or engagement. ROI is an important term for today’s brands, and this could be in terms of sales, visits or engagement. ROI is the main reason why social media marketing is so prevalent in today’s time and age. When do you get the audience’s attention diverted to your brand? When you follow the right timing and the perfect strategy to ensure higher reach and better frequency! Online marketing is very similar to its offline counterpart, where reach and frequency are essentially important to target your consumers and increase their attention span towards you. Let’s see how three steps can make you deploy an effective social media marketing strategy that will get you amazing returns on whatever time, effort, money etc. you have invested.

Timing is Important

Let’s assume you work a scheduled number of hours in a day over social media marketing. This is a good deal, but is it creating the necessary difference to your brand and its marketing strategy? If no, then you will need to figure out what exactly is going wrong. Sometimes the timing is all wrong. When you begin posting your tweets is probably the time when your audience is inactive, and when your audience is pretty active there are no messages from you. For an effective social media marketing, you will need to appear present before your audiences just when they are ready to listen to you. This is why scheduling plays an important role. If you are unable to work on content for social media or post your tweets or status updates at a time when your audience is active, you can schedule the posts. You will get an insight on when your audience is interested in talking to you, and when it is not. For example if you are a brand selling tickets, you would interest the audience just before the movie hits the theater. So, basically the weekends are when the audience is all ears to you.

There are tools like Buffer and HootSuite which help you schedule the tweets or status updates, while you can chill on your weekends too.

Ask your Audiences

Most brands look out for a better engagement prospective using the desirable tools from social media marketing. While audience engagement increases with a post or any sort of content, for increased engagement you should ideally ask them a question, or ask for their opinion. It is said that when the audience is being asked about something like their favorite travel destination, their opinion on a certain news update etc. they appear to be keener on replying as against a normal update. So, if you are looking to get in more people to talk to you or about your brand, you need to get in posts that directly make them talk.

In case you are running a promotion on your social media page, you should include the right keywords. A good research will get you the right keywords to work with. Link in a post can also help increase the visit to your website.

Images are Good

It’s seen that audience engagement increases when you make use of interesting images as part of the posts on social media pages. Photos attract more likes and comments as against any other kind of posts or updates. Infographics and charts are increasingly gaining attention, and their self-explanatory characteristics are the reason why many people like them or get engaged watching them. The self explanatory ones draw more likes as compared to the ones with tagline. Creating infographics is a pretty simple affair given that you can make others understand what’s being said in that.

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