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More Reasons Why Companies are Choosing Serviced Offices

by chrisezine (writer), La Quinta, CA 92248, April 09, 2014

As the term service offices becomes popular every day, more and more people are learning how different types of serviced offices in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

As the term service offices becomes popular every day, more and more people are learning how different types of serviced offices in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, or in other major cities around can benefit them. There are many other reasons that will make more businessmen and companies opt for this kind of office. Here are some of the reasons below:

Hiring the Best Staff

One of the commitments that professional serviced office companies promise their renters is round the clock technical support. However, some companies choose to employ their own in order to avoid costly mistakes such as breach of confidentiality. This kind of office allows business owners or even workers to hire local people to help propagate their business within the area. Very often, regular office employees do not want to be relocated to other areas. Local hiring is effective as residents from the community have better networking and feel of the area.

Saves Relocation Cost

Granting that the employee is willing to be assigned in a new branch or territory, this will cost companies so much money. Surely, the employee will demand moving cost, salary adjustments, additional financial perks and packages. And most often, the company if it is a start-up business might not be willing to shell out additional expenses relative to relocation as the new office is not earning or is still in the initial stages of operation.

Build Local Business Confidence

Not only do serviced offices provide integrity of address, but having a physical office in local areas offer additional boost to business. Customers and clients are confident that they have an actual office and people to deal with when issues and concerns crop up in the future. A local office in a serviced office building complete with signage and markers is an additional advertisement for the company together with the products or services it offers.

Saves More Money and Time

If you are expanding your business, it is recommended that you hire local residents as your support staff. With that, you no longer need to travel frequently from your headquarters to your satellite office and vice versa. Moreover, if you set up your local staff with an office in a business centre or any type of alternative office, there is also no need for him or her to travel, bringing along reports and presentation. Instead, he or she can use different office solutions such as high speed Internet connection, fax machines, secretarial services, video conference rooms, and among others to transmit and receive reports, various forms of communications, and remote presentations. As such, reporting and problem solving activities are acted in real time instead of waiting for your people to report at the headquarters and present current business realities of your business in certain localities.

There are indeed various other reasons why serviced office in Kwun Tong and other areas is becoming important as a strategic move for business when it wants to expand and maintain offices in several areas. It is not only about having a prestigious address and flexibility of contracts, but also about having instant offices.

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