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JRich is Headed to Bobcats

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., June 29, 2007


This past Thursday Jason Richardson was traded to the Charlotte for a first round 8th pick overall Brandon Wright from North Carolina.

Much speculation was ridding on as to wheather or not Kevin Durant or Greg Oden would go number one overall in the draft, but no one could have anticipated the trade that took place this past Thursday between the Warriors and the Bobcats. This now leaves the question as to why the Warriors organization felt that a trade containing one of its " Key franchise players" was good enough to roll the dice on.

Before the trade took place in later rounds there was a lot of talk about Michael Jordan who recently made his way back into managing side of the NBA with the Bobcats, wanting to bring in a veteran who has already established himself a versatile NBA ready Player. Jason Richardson, who has proven that he can be the type of guy to step up big on the court and be a leader in the locker room seems to have been the best move that the Charlotte franchise could of made for such a young talented team.

On the end with the Warriors, they manage to bring in a player that many analysts had going 4th overall. Brandon Wright comes to the Warriors organization as rookie, but also brings with him a resume filled with accolades including ACC Rookie of the Year and was also Named to the NCAA All-East Regional Team after averaging 12.8 points and 7.0 rebounds in four NCAA contests. How Don Nelson will fit Wright into his "small ball" offense makes this off-season a bit more interesting.

Wright's amazing big man athleticism and shot block ability makes him a force to be reckoned with every time someone enters the paint. Wright also posses a” playmaker" ability goes further than just his defense, Wright also carries with him the ability to run the floor with fluidity and shoot at a high percentage. All the prospective promises that seem to be the future makes the trade seem even sweeter, and the loss of Jason Richardson a lot easier to swallow.

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By Shawn Norris on June 29, 2007 at 09:47 pm
i doubt that trading wright for a headcase in richardson was a good idea. jordan is really screwing up in charlotte, wright is only 19 and still learning to play ball and could turn into a star, while richardson is coming off a knee injury and doesn't fix any of the bobcats many needs like a point guard and a center (the basis of any decent eastern conference team) i don't know what jordan is thinking drafting every player with a tarheel uniform the last few years and of course last years trip down to bust city to pick up adam morrsion but he is starting to screw up that franchise more than thomas is in ny. note to any all-stars of the 90's STOP BECOMING GM's!
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By gryzelda88 on June 04, 2014 at 03:02 am

the are awesome pozycjonowanie

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