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Useful Guide to Ruby Jewellery

by Julia Littlewood (writer), , April 08, 2014

Read the following guide to learn everything you need to know when choosing and buying magnificentruby jewellery.

Rubies are famed for their breath-taking, fiery red beauty. In fact these precious gemstones are rarer and can fetch higher prices than even diamonds.

While jewellery adorned with quality gems was once only within reach ofthe privileged rich,these days outstanding creations are available to everyone, regardless of their budget – now you can buy ruby jewellery online from reputable retailers that is more affordable than ever before.

The following guide will explore some interesting facts about these spectacular gemstones.

Introduction to Rubies

Along with sapphires, rubies are members ofthe mineral family corundum, however only the red variety of corundum can be classified as a genuine ruby.

Since rubies are classified as a precious gemstone, they feature outstanding clarity and colour intensity in their natural form that never fails to dazzle the eye.

Elements such as chrome, iron, titanium and vanadium are responsible for creating the incredibly intense red colour of rubies.It’s important to note that the pinkish-red to orange variety of corundum isnot classified as ruby, it is another type of gem known as padparadscha.

Top quality, natural rubies are highly rare and pricey, with the most prized variety termed ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ and having a pure, fiery red gleam with a hint of blue. ‘Star’ rubies are also extremely valuable – they have an incredible light effect called ‘asterism’ which when cut into dome shaped cabochons causes the effect of a stunning six-ray star.

Additionally, the most sought after varieties of ruby have a ‘silky’ shine due to their fine inner ‘needle’ structure which is formed by the mineral rutilum.

Main Sources of Ruby

Madagascar is considered one of the world’s leading producers of jewellery quality rubies, while other major deposits of the precious gem are located in Afghanistan, Cambodia,Kenya and Vietnam. Smaller deposits can also be foundin Brazil, Nepal, parts ofthe US, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

The best deposits of ‘Pigeon’s Blood’rubies are found in Myanmar (Burma) near the Mogok region.Rubies from Sri Lanka feature a lighter shade of red, while those fromThailand have a brown to violet tint.

Buying Tops for Ruby Jewellery

    ·As members of the corundum family, rubies measure 8 to 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness – this makes them highly durable so ideal for use in jewellery, even rings and bracelets which tend to suffer accidental knocks and scrapes.

    ·Rubies which have a purple hue when viewed by the naked eye are less valuable than those that feature an intense red colour.

    ·The cut and polish of a ruby is extremely important to bring out the dazzling fire, glow and brilliance of the gem.

    ·Some rubies can display more than two colours when viewed from different angles.

    ·When choosing ruby jewellery, look for clear, glowing gemstones with as few inclusions (natural inherent fissures) as possible.

    ·As with the case of diamonds, rubies can be artificially created in a lab and will feature the exact same properties as the natural gems, although these will command a lower price.

    ·Lab-created rubies tend to have a more vivid colour because they do not contain the trace impurities that are present when any gem grows naturally in the earth.

    ·Beware of unscrupulous dealers as it is common for them to sell the far less valuable spinel or garnet gems as the genuine article.


In addition to their spectacularly fiery beauty and lustre, rubiessymbolise passion and are believed to increasethe body’s energy. Although these glorious gems are rarer and can be more expensive than diamonds, luckily you can now buy ruby jewellery online which doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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