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Top 5 Floral Fragrances

by chrisezine (writer), La Quinta, CA 92248, April 05, 2014

What do you like to wear in midnights, days or evenings besides a good dress or make over according to the situation? Being females, we will definitely go for fragrances.

What do you like to wear in midnights, days or evenings besides a good dress or make over according to the situation? Being females, we will definitely go for fragrances. They have been the source of being noticed in a group of people or even when you are out with your special one. Floral fragrances are considered not only romantic but also very mystical. When we wear these types of fragrances we automatically go into the dream world all filled up with imagination and fantasies.

The Aromas has always been the source of best perfume reviews and fragrance news. You can always visit The Aromas for best perfumes guide. Here you will find a list of floral fragrances which will make your beloved ones very sensual and romantic. If you want to wear something casual and not too loud which speaks for itself, then your choice is not restricted to the extent that you get worried about it.

1. Diorissimo by Dior

If we track down to the history you will find that this fragrance was made in 1955 by legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. “Diorissimo by Dior” - Carnal and known worldwide, Dior is one of the best choices to go for. While picking it up and feeling its body, you will be holding it firmly as it has good width. It will take you into a trance where you will feel nothing but going deeper and deeper into the valley of lily and jasmine. These floral scents will make you recall of spring time and the beauty of nature.

2. Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

Looking for something to wear casual which you can put in your bag? We have found this “Gardenia” by Elizabeth Taylor. This fragrance is easy to carry and has combination of extracted fragrance of peony, lily, gardenia, rose, musk and carnation. This is a perfect match when you are hanging out with friends, family or relatives. I would suggest you all to keep it handy for some unexpected calls for meeting up with your mates and folks.

3. Vibe by Dior

The main characteristics of this fragrance are that it is be chic and provocative. It has a very frisky yet scrumptious scent. Anyone can fall in love with “Vibe” because of its mixture of extracts from violette, patchouli, jasmine, green tangerine, musk and popcorn. To make the collection of best fragrance on your dressing table, you must add “Vibe” by Dior. It is more like square in shape and has a very attractive bow on its cap.

4. Enchanted Orchid Eau de Toilette by Bath and Body Works

To make this Signature Collection has the essence of green calypso orchid, white orchid, musk and creamy amber. It makes you imagine as if you are amidst flowers all around you with the most lawful exotic appearance.

5. Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette by The Body Shop

It is one the best casual wear fragrance which has magnolia, musk, cherry blossom, jasmine, sandalwood and hinoki. It was launched in 2007 for women who love to have the best collection of fragrances with them. It is relatively cheaper than other branded fragrances but can nail the atmosphere with its light aroma. For perfume related questions please visit The Aromas Perfume FAQ.

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