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Why Diamonds May Soon be a Better Investment Than Gold

by RandyVulture (writer), Brooklyn, April 03, 2014

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?Deciding how to invest your money is not something that anyone should take lightly. Diamonds are sparkling their way into the minds of investors everywhere and here's why..

Deciding how to invest your money is not something that anyone should take lightly. There are many options for investors; depending on the amount you'd like to invest, along with the amount of risk you're willing to take on will largely impact your decisions. Today, investing in commodities such as gold and silver is gaining popularity. These investments are not as fluid as stocks and bonds, and are always available. However, it's important to note that while gold is a historically popular choice, diamonds are sparkling their way into the minds of investors everywhere, and have become a great option for new or seasoned investors.

Diamonds are Unique

One of the driving forces behind the immense investing potential of diamonds is that they're unique. That is, no two diamonds are alike. This creates interest in the gems. Every ounce of gold is the same, and while it can be molded into something new and interesting, gold will never be as unique as diamonds.

Diamonds are so unique that jewelry stores have to hand-pick their stock to ensure quality. Tiffany & Co., for example, purchases a significant amount of its diamonds from Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, which is now known as Dominion Diamond Corporation. Ronald Winston sits on the board at DDC, which has a diamond sorting office in Toronto and a marketing office in Belgium. The company started off as a small diamond sorting office and has now expanded to become one of the favorites of large diamond sellers, which indicates the increasing demand of the precious jewels.

Increasing Demand

As the economy continues to show signs of recovery, more people are getting to the point where they have disposable income to spend once again. This means that more commodities are selling and making money. Diamonds are one of the fastest growing trends in jewelry. As the demand increases, the prices are simply going to continue going up. When you invest in diamonds today, your investment will come with great returns in the future. Gold is selling at a relatively low price right now. Some analysts are optimistic that the price will go up this year, but not everyone believes that it will recover any time soon.

Decreasing Supply

In addition to the increased demand, the supply of diamonds is extremely limited. Finding good, quality diamonds that are dispute-free is difficult. Because of this, when you have diamonds that are in great shape and are natural, they demand a high price. Many jewelry stores today are moving toward selling more manufactured diamonds, but these are not in as high demand, since they can be created at any time, in any style. On top of that, created diamonds simply don't have the same draw that natural ones do.

Looking for Something New

The reason many investors are starting to consider diamonds a great investment is simply because they're looking for something new. While diamonds have been around forever, the big push over the last decade or so has been investing in gold. When you get bored with gold, diamonds are an interesting and lucrative option. Diamonds are perfect for those who want to stay in the commodities market but are looking for a change of pace.

There are many reasons diamonds are making a splash in the investment world today. While gold will always be a popular option, diamonds are more scarce, in high demand, and are something new to look forward to. What do you think? Will you invest in diamonds if you get the opportunity?

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